139 Stephenson Ave
Toronto, ON M4C

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i think some of the tenants are bigger blood suckers than the bed bugs. Many of these tenants bring the bed bugs in themselves then try to shift the blame on the landlord who will now have to pay hundreds to thousands of dollars in exterminators, or the proper insecticides to spray around the floors, then dust anti bed bug powder around the foot of the beds, plastic around the matress's, etc. then when all that is done, some idiot parks his sorry behind at another infested friends place, brings

them home again and the landlord has the same problem again in another couple of months time.

Bottom line is stupid lazy tenants need to be educated to clean regularily, vacuum & mop with some disinfectant and that kills bed bugs before they can get started in large numbers. instead tenants always look for someone to blame and whatever social program they can find to screw over their landlord. the government needs to back off and and let landlords do their job without being bullied & harrassed by government agencies that know nothing about the rental business and some of the unsanitary habits of some of the pigs that rent your unit.

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I will be sprayed Oct 1 for the 10th time and still have bed bugs ....

I live at 139 Stephenson Ave Unit 3 and I have been sprayed twice with NO SUCCESS , They are spraying again this friday july 16. I have lived like a hermit for over a month now, Moving stuff from my kids room to downstairs. No break on the rent or anything, If this spray on Friday does not work ,I am not sure of what to do , It is really frustrating

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