111 Stephenson Ave
Toronto, ON M4C

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August 30, 2011

Once again we have bedbugs at this location. We were sprayed for 9 months April 2010 - October 2010. Other tenant's in the complex refuse to prepare for treatment. The landlord is aware of this, but nothing has been done. This is not fair to the other tenants that take the time and money to prepare their units.

There is still an outstanding problem with bed bugs in this complex. In April a dog was brought in to find the bed bugs but the results of this search was not disclosed. It is very frustrating, to have to live out of garbage bags because you never know when a bug might reappear and you would have to pack up again. My rent is quite high and for the amount I pay there should be a better solution to the infestation because the treatment they are using is obviously not working. Toronto Community

needs to find a better solution.

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This location has a bed bug outbreak. My apartment has been treated three times and they keep coming back in one to two weeks. Also, the problem is my neighbour that's where the outbreak started. Our apartments are never sprayed at the same time. I assume the bed bugs could hide in her apartment while mine is being treated and then retreat back. Something needs to be done.

This location has a huge problem with bedbugs. the city needs to take better action to tackle this issue.

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