108 Goodwood Park Ct
Toronto, ON M4C

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Metcap as already won the Golden Coachroach award for 2010. Thats all there buildings.

Kill me now. Daily mattress sales going on at the dumpsters. Drop one off, pick another dirty one up. What the eff is wrong with some people? I could stay in this building, but because of the dirtballs who take old dirty mattresses back into their place, it makes the whole building become an infestation. Get a clue people. No one throws out a perfectly good mattress for christ sakes. I have completely lost my sanity since I moved here two months ago.

My smoke alarm goes off all the time. The

re were 2 roaches in here the day I moved. I have still seen them since. Very randomly so I don't know why I get one every few weeks. I thought there was something wrong with my fridge but the noise I was hearing was just the guy above me peeing. I can hear everything. I have to keep my bathroom door shut because the water pipes are always making noises from other people showering. The cocking they use so the bugs don't get in make the cupboards and my dishes smell disgusting.

Since I moved in the red headed landlord has never treated me with respect. Never made me feel like I lived in a friendly maintained building. On Jan 1st someones smoke alarm had gone off and was going for a good hour. I'm on the second floor, so I went to the main floor to ask the landlord what they were doing about the noise. She immediately started to blame me!! "Is that you. On the second floor. With the smoke?!" UH NO I JUST WOKE UP YOU B****. This place is a god damn smoking allowed building, everyone on my floor (excluding me) smokes their apartments up like chimneys. And she's blaming ME?

I'm getting the hell out of here. Don't come anywhere close to goodwood park. This stressful hellhole needs to be condemned.

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In the view it.ca ad for a bachelor apt in the goodwoodparkcourt building shows and says that there is a balcony , this is false advertising. There is no balcony in the bachelor apts at 100 Goodwood park court. Only the bigger apt have balcony s. And the apt is next to a cockroach infested laundry room. There is no security here. False advertising.

Welcome to Hitlers building , a place were they give you an apt then try to tell you that you can not smoke in your apt. I do not know whats worse the harassment from the building janitors or there friends that live in the building. They cough outside my door and get their dogs to bark outside my door. Then there are the dog owners who have had their dogs poop outside my window as I live on the first floor. I would like to say that I live in 100 Goodwood park court and not this building. Peepin

g tom neighbors on the second floor looking into my window at night time. I have seen cockroachs in the Laundry room many times, spit in the elevators, and I am the bad guy cause I smoke. I pay my rent on time and I do not live a loud lifestyle. I am being harassed for smoking and my rent is payed on time . I am not afraid of speaking my mind, and will post more comments if the harassment countinues.

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Can anyone tell me if these Landlords switch fire alarms on and off from their Basement work rooms in peoples apt.Not the hole building , but just peoples apts.

moved here in April 2009.. this place is a shit hole..crackheads, weirdos..u name it. and the place is full of cockroaches and stuff. dog pee all over the floors and carpets in the hallway, dog poo smeared on elevator walls?!!! how in the world does that happen, beats me.

the management sucks, no one cares and just about every deadbeat is approved in buildings these days! whats the point in a reference check?

i moved here from st catharines thinking it be a good area due to proximity to tt

c..but am i so regretting moving to toronto..

the whole city is a dump, no matter where you go.

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Reply; Each building at Goodwood Pk, court has bedbugs. The landlords do not care who they rent to. Some of the filthiest people live in these buildings. You are right about the crackheads and dealers. The neighborhood is swamped with them and although Police do survail they do not deal with the issues. It is a rare occurance that anyone here is ever busted!

I've lived here since July 2008, and my apartment itself has NOT had bedbugs (thank God)- but make no mistake, they are in this building.

There is a MASSIVE amount of furniture dumped by the dumpsters each week. Last month I saw at least 6 mattresses. So many that they spread from the dumpster to consume a whole parking space. Couches, recliners, dressers, kids beds, cribs, dining table sets, pillows. They're there every week, just drive by and take a look.

I've heard several different wo

men on different occasions freaking out about losing all their possessions due to these bugs, and blaming the landlord for it.

The landlords blame the tenants.

People move in and out of this building all the time, no doubt leaving to escape the bedbugs (taking them with them), and moving in here with them (thinking to escape them somewhere else). It's a problem I don't see going away. Maybe ever.

An additional FYI - this apartment is also host to cockroaches of all sorts, mice, crazy people and a good number of crackheads. Cops make several weekly appearances. I was deluded into thinking it would be a great "family" area because of all the kids I saw at the huge and beautiful Dentonia Park (right in our backyard). I should've swung by at night. It's a whole different world around here after dark!

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We moved into our apartment at 108 Goodwood Park Court, East York (Toronto) Ontario on June 1st 2009. We discovered we had bed bugs on October 31st, 2009.

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