390 Dawes Rd
Toronto, ON M4B

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multiple complaints from tenants about bedbugs and especially ROACHES! the super is rude and treats good tenants like crap! the assistant supers are even worse!
The super has a mass of garbage in the parking garage which is a HUGE fire hazard and drives an un-licensed truck on the property he deems it as he uses for taking the bins of garbage from underground. There is always garbage over flowing from garbage's and no wonder we have BUGS! the old super Anca was amazing and the place was always


STAY AWAY from this building unless you want to deal with roaches and bugs!

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My family and I moved in here in 2012 and when we did it was a nightmare and a half. We never had bedbugs but roaches were a problem. We kept our place very tidy, cleaned often and took the garbage out every night, which helped. The superintendents were very quick to react to our complains (by this time management had just changed) and we had our place sprayed and dusted every 2 months as it was not directed to do it more often or we would. After the first six months we were in the clear. And we

haven't had any issues since then. There were some building wide dusting and that also seemed to help matters. Since mid 2013 I have only come across 3 roaches and they were months apart in sightings. I think people just need to learn how to be clean and tidy, and not take thrown out furniture. It's garbage for a reason.

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My family and I moved into this building in late December of 2013, not even a week after moving in we began to spot bedbugs & roaches in our apartment. It was then immediately reported to management downstairs. The rental lady then suggested that we brought them here, and that the unit was clean before we came. Complete bullshit! None of us had ever even encountered a bedbug before moving here. Now fast forward to today's date November 4th, 2014 and the situation is getting worse and we are stil

l dealing with these problems.They had been coming to spray our unit for bedbugs almost on a monthly basis, but now we have a newborn baby with us and we do not want them spraying harmful pesticides because we don't know how it will effect our baby. So basically nothing is being done by management to prevent them. We asked them to do a heat treatment because we know they've done it for a different unit in this building. We are still waiting to see if they will do it and we've been requesting it for a few months now, since before our baby was even born. Honestly, if you are even considering moving here don't bother. This is the worst experience my family and I have ever had to deal with while living in a building. BEDBUGS ARE A NIGHTMARE TO DEAL WITH, and extremely hard to get rid of. Part of the problem is that they are coming from the neighboring units and above us and below through the walls and holes in the baseboards and ceilings. We have friends in this building who have them as well and other people have them too and are not reporting anything to management because they might be too embarrassed or ashamed that they even have them to begin with, but that's part of the problem. Just take a look at the garbage shoot downstairs and and even the ones on the different floors and see the amount of furniture and beds that are being thrown out and also boxes for new ones. Obviously that's happening for a reason and because other tenants have them too. After the horrible experience of living here I don't think I can ever rent from a building ever again! My family and I can't wait to move out of here.

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well this is not about a encounter i just moved in a few months back the managament are great i know its new managment and they are great they are trying to get this place looking good they just painted the stairwells they looked great then what happens the next morning you see garbage thrown scuff marks on the new painted walls we all got to live here if we all took are garbage out and put it where it should go and stop scuffing up walls we could have a great place to live now thats a thought l

ets clean up after our selfs?

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wooooooooOOOOOoooo :O

i moved here feb of 2011.
i have NO bedbugs. i have not seen any bedbugs either. there are some roaches.
the management has changed. new managements brought in dogs and pest control to control the bedbugs and roaches.
the elevators are being updated.
there is new grass.
there are even security cameras now.

My family and I moved here in aug/2011 and bought all brand new things for my first apartment. Just after one week of moving in I noticed red spops on my son's arms and back. I found out later that day that they were bed bug bites and went down to the office right away. The lady working in the office who mind you cant speak english properly told me I brought them here and told me that the office is now closed at 2 in the afternoon. I went back upstairs very angry and just started throughing out

brand new funiture. I cant wait for this lease to be up so I can get the hell out of here with my family. Also note to all females there is a sexual preditor on the 4th floor be aware!

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what the people say is true its a hell hole.adding to these problems cars are being broken into . breaking the glass on the doors. one nite 20 cars were broken into. the super does not speak english hardly and if you complain she hangs up in your ear and says dont talk to me like that.Well now I have contacted toronto police about the security in this building they are sending a crime prevention officer to check the building this should be fun as tnere is none here. the front door is unlocked or

broken most of the time.the police says if nothing is done to render the problem they will turn it over to city hall who will send out inspectors.I hope they fry the owners ass

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i moved into this building with a hope of starting a new life,but what a nightmare i hardly cant sleep or leave food in the kitchen because bedbugs and rochers are all over the building

I recently moved into this building with
The hopes to a fresh start in my new home
What a joke that is
Since feb this year I have reported bed bugs
And roaches in my unit which was over looked
Until this week when the pest control came
To inspect the whole building they were in my
Unit for a whole five minutes and told me a
Report would go in that I needed to be treated
But doesn't know when it will be done
The elevators are death traps the management
Don't speak English and the

building is
Filled with unemployed single mothers and their
Troublesome mates partying in this building
Is unreal there isn't a day that passes by the
Cops aren't parked outside .....
Take it from me I've been here 2 months and I'm
Leaving may 1st
Don't move here go to a hostel instead there cleaner
Then this building and any other one along
Dawes road don't let the cheap rent
Sucker you in
I promise it'll be your biggest regret

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I live in this building and yes it is horrible. Management sucks, Ive had to call the city everyday because of it! I can say I have never seen bed bugs knock on wood" There is plenty of cockroaches though, that need to be kept under contol! They cannot speak english here at all and the girls have no idea what anyone i saying. The owner is young and has to idea how to run a buildin so he leaves it to others who dont know shit as well, Management here is super lazy and you need to take legal actio

n round here if you want anything done! do not move in here, just last night some guy was stabbed almost to death in the stairwell. theres bullet holes everywhere in the bilding. The front door is hardly locked, so therefore the security in this building is limited to none! the rent is cheap becausethere are way too many problems in here. ive lived here 3 months and have paid one months worth or rent because i refuse to live in this kind of situation and yet still pay for it! please stay away from here dont even visit, if you want to stay safe and clean!

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BUGS everywhere!!! This building needs to be condemed. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE LIVING HERE!!!!


I lived here for 1 year and its been a nightmare. From the gross hallways the crappy elevator the bed bugs and the list just goes on! Management sucks they need to learn some english and someone who knows what there doing. Speaking of that they lost my rent check twice in the last two months. But yeah the bed bugs are all over this building I know at least 5 people with them, who by the way keep there apartments clean. If you know whats good for you stay away from this hell hole!

When I moved in this building I had bought all brand new beds and couch sets. Sadly enough I didn't know that bed bugs were real I thought they were just a mith... Well now I know they do exsit and wow this place is filled with them. I told the office manager and they said I brought them, which I didn't and then they had PCO come in and spray the apt, and then they did a follow up spray 2 weeks later... Ok well we've had them come to my apt 4 times now and they're not going away.

I'm mo

ving out ASAP and leaving all this furniture that is almost a year old behind, what a waste of money.


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exactly the morning after i moved in to this building on the 12th floor i discovered bedbugs in the baseboards and crawling in the daylight on the bedrooms floors.. this building is absolutely disgusting! the rent is cheap but thats because the bed bugs are here! DO NOT MOVE HERE! TAKE ALL THIS IN BEFORE YOU EVEN STEP FOOT INTO THE BUILDING.!!!

On the 3rd floor there is an infestation, it is bad enough that I have seen some in the hallway. I am going to use diatomaceous earth to combat the ones that have made it into my apt. I have far to much stuff to just toss it all away.

I moved in this building several months ago and am pregnant. I am infested with bed bugs!!!!!
A few years ago, a woman left all of her belongings and left because the bed bugs were so bad.

DON'T MOVVE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This building is terrible. Bed bugs are awful here but so are the bullet holes in the stairwells. DO NOT LIVE HERE!! the rent is cheap but it'll cost you more in the long-run. I had to throw out all of my belongings and furniture when I moved because the bedbugs were sooooo bad.

The 9th and 10th floors are crawling with bed bugs. Nothing has been done. I was forced to move out and throw out all of my belongings.

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