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I live in 35 charles st w, toronto, m4y1r6 ON. From May 2010 to August, my family was bited by bed bugs, and my unit was controlled 11 times by bed bug controller. At last I threw out all furniture. Still now my family lives without matress and any wood furniture.

I found them by chance when i was changing the bed sheats, i looked up on the internet, how to kill bed bugs, i have a box bed,only 1 mattress, removed the mattress, i have an industrial vacuum cleaner with different attachments, vacuumed all over special the seams,opend up my bed, bed bugs all over,vacuumed them up, after i sprayed with strong industrial cleaner, [i seen it killed the bugs] vacuumed my corner couch,even the bottoms.So i was sleeping on the couch[ i have a bachelor apartment]wo

ke up after midnight i found some on my cover, so i started killing them by hand, [they had there last meal] loded with blood. [but i dont feel the bite strong skin, i dont even feel the mosquito bite]now i get up couple times a night and kill them,but i was getting tierd so i just remember DDT powder, i went and buy MIRACULOUS INSECTISIDE CHALK broke it up with hammer, made powder out of it,spread it uder the cushions, they have to croos it when they coming up to feed, soon they cross it good bye bed bugs.I used the chalk to kill ants [just have draw a chalk line] They croos it and dead also #1 cockroach killer.I live alone no kids to worry about the DDT.After when i get rid of them i will vacuum up all the powder. Bye the way u can buy that chalk, in a chinese dollar store,just have to ask for it.

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