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Rented apartment in the building in 2010. Found bed bugs - the building ended up spray three times before they went away. Found them again this month.

I found bedbugs on my bed on October 14th, 2009. Prior to actually seeing them. My daughter had been waking up every morning with what looked like hives on our her arms, legs, and the back of her neck. I took her to the doctor on August 6, 2009 who asked if it's possible something was biting her, I had nothing to offer because I hadn't noticed her being bitten by anything. He also suggested she may be developing food allergies (she's 2). Shortly after this visit, I began waking up with the s

ame hive looking things on my hand and arms. I assumed I couldn't possibly be developing the same food alergies, therefore it must have been something in our immediate environment that was affecting us both. I considered everything, was it the paint, something coming through the vents, the water, our detergent, I was stress trying to figure out what was happening to us. The itching was ridiculous and my poor baby was just miserable. I felt completely helpless.
It wasn't until the wee hours of Wednesday morning on October 14th that it clicked. My daugther woke me up crying and itching and I actually saw a bug running across my mattress.
I instantly suspected what it was from a news report I had seen on tv a few months back. I lifted my pillow and saw about 8 more crawling on the underside of the pillows.
I killed the ones I had seen then immediately striped my bed, bagging the beddings, pillows and cases.
I went to work later that day, and google image searched what bedbugs looked like; sure enough my suspicions were confirmed.

I called to inform my landlord, who blamed me for bringing them in; stating the building was clean. I denied this accusation and advised her I had never had bedbugs ever before and it was since moving into the building in July 2009 that my daughter first began being bitten.
My unit was sprayed on October 19th, 2009. I noticed a few dead ones while sweeping up after the spraying. At my landlord's suggestion, I've also caulked all the baseboards in every room. I can't say for a fact that they're gone because I haven't been sleeping there since first seeing them.
To be honest I am actually afraid to go back to my unit, this whole experience has been trying, stressful and upsetting.
Prior to this I loved my building, it is clean and well maintained and I loved my unit; considered it the best place I had ever lived in. Now all of that has been stolen and tainted by this experience.
Worse even was my landlord blaming me, then I read on this site that another tenant had the same experience with bedbugs in her unit as early as 14 months ago. That really made me mad. I am desperate to move but I am only 3 months into a one year lease and I am afraid of the financial penalty of breaking my lease.
I feel stressed, stuck and displaced.

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We found bugs in our bed on July 31, 2008 and prior to finding them i was covered in bites on my arms not knowing what they were. I went to my doctor and was prescribed to types of creams, and she then sent me to a dermatologist who said i was allergic to the sun and needed an spf 60 cream. I found out the real problem on July 31st...our bed was crawling with them.

We immediatley threw out our bedding and completely emptied our room and had it gased/sprayed. We noticed a few bugs after the

first spraying and haven't seen any since. As a precaution we cocked all of the baseboard top and bottom in all rooms. So far we haven't seen any and it's been over a month!

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