1780 Eglinton Ave E
Toronto, ON M4A

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i used to rent in this building. after puchasing a house i gave them my 3 months notice while my notice was given 2 days after i had a robery in my apt. police was called i contacted my insurance company about it as well. my insurance company asked me for a list of damages which are assoiciated to the property i asked managemnt office to come and take a look and advise they said every thing was fine, this went on till the time of move. i asked them to come look at the property as they came to pr

e assessment for move they then again said everything was fine. so after the move i get this call not even from them a collection agency telling me that i owe them money because i trashed the appartment and left it a bad shape that the fridge was broken and the water was leaking from the washroom i advsed them that was fixed by them when i moved and i never had that problem which even my insurance claim adjuster was there to make sure it was not my fault. beware of renting from this company they are crooks and dont realize that not everyone is a slum tennant.

see full report...

happy to report that there is no infestation.

The building management has a policy to treat all vacating units even if tenants don't report it so it is clean and they have an regular treatment schedule for all kinds of bugs.
all residents are welcome to see the managemtn if they have any problems.

i'm friends with the office staff so i know this to be true.

I used to live in 1770 Eglinton and have friends in 1780.


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