1441 Lawrence Ave E
Toronto, ON M4A

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All of the accusations are 100% true!!!

I am a previous tennant - moved in August 2010 and moved the heck out in March 2012.
The roaches made their way everywhere... The hallways..the elevators...the basement walls... I was even in the rental office complaining about the roached one time when a roach ran accorss the floor and I jumped in fright... the building manager - (Tammy I believe?) - just killed the roach and smiled... like wtf...

I ca

nnot stress how POORLY the tennant customer service aspect is reflected on behalf of building management. I'll be honest, when I initially moved in I had no pest issues whatsoever. For some reason, it seems as though there was a widespread cockroach infestation that took place between May - July 2011. We were hopeful and had our unit treated about 4 times but there was no use!! It's almost as though the roaches loved whatever it was that they were using -___-

I did not personally experience any issues with bedbugs, but I did overhear complaints regarding bedbugs from other tennants from time to time.


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the management here is horrible, I would suggest staying away. The whole building has bedbugs and they don't seem to care. they came to spray once which didn't help, and they were supposed to come a few days ago again but showed up really late and said they could not spray and only put gel which does not do anything. I asked them to come the next day but they said they would only be in the building next month and after talking to the management they said there is nothing they can do. It is a hor

rible place and its really dirty, DO NOT MOVE IN HERE!

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STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!!! Although there were not many cockroaches (but there were a few), I had bedbugs in the apartment, and had to throw out all my furniture. The management is horrible, once I told them i had bedbugs they said it would take 2 weeks for them to call pest control, which is way too long. They don't care about anything and are lazy. If you are looking at this place, stay away from it for your own good, trust me!

This is true.

I moved in 2011 and after few months I got cockroaches. The pest control company spray 2 times, dust 2 times and put gel 2 times (6 times treatment in one year) and I swear the number of cockroaches get bigger and bigger.

The building is dirty. they pick up the indoor parking garbage every one month and it smells very bad. some tenant are also dirty and throw garbage in the parking bins or leave them in front of the garbage chute and they don't bother use the chute.

I don'

t suggest living in this building the management is so so so BAD and dirty.

if you want to rent an apartment in this building don't do it.

I am looking for a home to buy. I can't stand living in apartment building anymore

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Infested with cockroaches since moving in Fall 2011. Exterminator has treated several times, with no results. I've given up with management in having this addressed, and look forward to the end of my lease.

This place is invested with cockroaches and bedbugs the company routinely has pest control come in monthly. I had cockroaches coming into my unit from the halls. There is no way of stopping these creatures. given my 2 months, i'm outta this hell hole. you can't even talk to them to get better treatment, management is never around Stay away!!!!

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