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On June 23, 2009, we stayed in room 131 at Comfort Inn Downsview Ontario. As I look back on our check-in, I recall that the clerk said she wouldn't have our reserved room ready for about 10 minutes. I believe in their haste, they made up beds with the same bedding that people had slept in the night before. The carpet had not been vacuumed and the bathroom floor had not been cleaned.
I took a nap and woke when my friend came back to the room. I found a bedbug on the sheet. I had never seen a be

dbug except on the internet. I caught it in a tissue, took it to the front desk and asked the clerk if it was, indeed, a bedbug. The desk attendant ignored me; another employee took me aside and ushered me back to the room where he admitted it was a bedbug. He stripped the bed and took down the headboard and assured me there were no more.
It was not till the following day that I realized I had been bitten; I began experiencing intense itching. Upon inspection, I discovered the 3 "breakfast, lunch and dinner" bites on the right side of my face and neck. I also experienced fever and swelling in the area. I am very concerned about the 29 diseases that bedbugs can spread to humans, especially Hepatitis B.
I have contacted a pest control company and they have warned me that there is a strong likelihood that we have brought a bedbug infestation home with us.
On June 26th, Andrew Ferreira (the hotel general manager) sent me an email stating that he would investigate further. In his June 30 email, he states: "Please be advise (sic) that we had the room inspected and nothing was found in the room...We appreciate your business...and apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused. In order to rectify the situation and to make you happy, I will be happy to refund your card for the two nights you spent a (sic) my hotel."
We have not as yet contacted a lawyer, although we have been advised to do so.

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