35 Shoreham Dr
Toronto, ON M3N

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The building is infested with bed bugs. The housing authority - Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC)just waits for tenants to report bed bugs and do nothing else. Even after an apartment is sprayed (no other action taken) they still wait for the tenant to call them back if they notice other bed bugs. Of course the bed bugs come back and it starts all over again. Their strategy is totally ineffective at treating the bed bugs. They have a lot of nerve to depend on tenants to report bed bug

s when they know full well what the solution is - treatment of the entire building - not just half hazard treatment of apartments on various floors. It is a bloody nightmare.The contracting firm they use does not respect tenant's rights to access to the apartment - they arrived at my apartment after hours - including several other apartments.TCHC only wants to appear as if they are fixing the problem but they do not really give a dam about it.

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