2755 Jane St
Toronto, ON M3N

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This building is horrific. It has absolutely everything possible from bed bugs to coach roaches to mouses. The bed bugs are the worse- furnitures are ruined from them. Its under bad management that does nothing to remedy the condition of the building. Elevator wait time is extremely long- one elevator is always stuck on some floor. The laundry room is filthy much like the rest of the building. The roof leaks and cracks. Absolutely dont rent!

I recently just moved out from here with my infant baby but my siblings and mom still live there. Everytime I visit I see roaches. If I sleep over I get bed bug bites. Its awful- look for better places especially if you have young children.
The year that I was living there we encountered bed bugs- its like an infestation in the ENTIRE building. No matter what we did or sprayed or washed it became infested again. The superintenant is quick to collect your rent/money or late payment but does abso

lutely nothing to resolve the condition of the place. He is rude if you even address the issue to him.
The celing cracks and leaks- I was on the 12th floor. There are coachroaches and mices.
The best thing I did was move. Hopefully something is done to resolve the issue.

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I've lived in this building for 2 years and have bedbugs, Roaches and mice. I have tried to resolve some of the issues with the building owner ( who is a total dink and very unreasonable) we have refused to pay rent for 3 months due to the conditioins in the building and he took us to court to try to evict rather than adressing the maqintence issues... Desperatly trying to find another place to live, he won't be able to rent my apartment in the condition it's in to anyone with any sence! I'm goi

ng to have to leave all my furnature behind... If it can't fit into the dryer or be bleached, it's not comming with me. Take me to small claims court a$$hole coz Children should not be living in these conditions and I have a 2year old and a newborn on the way, for their safety and health I'm gone!!

For anyone else looking at this building to rent. my advice: DON'T!!!!!

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Currently moved in here and let me tell you what a mistake that was. This apartment is under bad management, isn't well kept or clean. Worse of all it is infested with cockroaches and bed bugs. I came across this site while browsing for places to not stay. I'm looking to move out ASAP. Do yourself a favor and don't make the mistake of choosing this place.

they are infested with every type of bugs there is and i reccommed for people not to move here because you will regret it. not only is there bed bug, there also rats cockroaches.

There are numerous appartments in this building that have been left absolutly untreated and the Management refuses to take action

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