2020 Sheppard Ave W
Toronto, ON M3N

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We have had roaches for about 2 months now, the magic pesticide people ... came and started spraying before we even left the apartment. me and my roommate watched him spray inside the fridge and were thinking to ourself wtf. we told management to replace our fridge but were told he didn't spray the inside yet when management smelled the fridge she agreed with us. Now the super is trying to tell us they didn't spray the fridge im almost fed up

I am glad to say, I have finally moved out of this building. This building has a lot of roaches and I have seen a few mice in my apartment a few times to then see them escape through the radiator in which we then has to close up ourselves since the management then did nothing. During the last few months the management has changed and they are fixing the building up and etc, but it seems that the roaches have still been a very bad problem during the last few months especially in September and Oct

ober 2012. Don`t be fooled by the nice paint jobs and new carpets. There have been large roaches not only in the kitchen but also somehow are in the washrooms. I informed the management and they said ``Oh well, that is Toronto``. That is not true because then all buildings would have them and the apartment I am now living at has none! I do not recommend this building! Do not move in unless you love seeing disgusting roaches. Please DO NOT move in here especially if you have kids! There are roaches and mold in these units..and not to mention it takes forever for them to fix something and their elevators almost NEVER work!! Please move elsewhere!

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I was informed this morning by my two children who were watching television on our apartment living room sofa bed that a bug was walking over the sheets. The bug was placed into a clear drinking glass for further observation and confirmation of its type. At first we thought that is was a cockroach upon closer observation, it strongly resembles a bed bug as seen in other photos on the web for example purposes.

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