10 San Romanoway
Toronto, ON M3N

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I moved into san Romanoway in 2012, at the time it was apt. 1409. We started getting bites shortly after moving in . You can address the pest problems to property management however its just like anything else you ask (repairs) they don't care. Eventually I was putting in for a transfer to a bigger unit. When I did I asked them to make sure they spray the apartment a few times before I move in as my son is allergic to bedbugs and cockroaches. They assured me they did. From the very first night

in apt#3412 in Sept. 2014 until present my poor boy has had bites all over him. Hes in so much discomfort, as are the rest of us living in this unit. Ive been bitten in my eyelids making it very painful to try to open my eye. Ive had bites in my privates etc. RPMS property management does not care about what's going on, they just want money. Its not just bedbugs the cockroaches are unbearable also. Our stove in apt 1409 was so infested whenI asked mMohammed the property manager to get me another stove he said " the stoves not broken" wtf!! Im sorry but im not feeding roaches to my kids for dinner.

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Our unit has had this problem for 2 years now. We are living in one of the higher units. We have sprayed 3 times and they would be gone for a couple of months and then it would come back again. We have managed our cluster and throw out beds, sheets, pillows etc. After going through so much we came to the realization that it is not us that has the problem it is THE BUILDING. Once other units are being effective your unit will eventually. The bed bugs travel through the vents since all vents,they

are connected to one another. The best bet is to just move out from the building completely because these tents are not taking any major procedures to solve this problem.

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I'm living on the 3411 apt. I renting a room but i'm moving the next month because i'cant sleep because all time the bedbugs bite me and the landlord say the bedbugs never bite me

Moved in to the building on August 1st having brought no furniture at all and very little clothing. I bought a brand new bed, bedding, pillows, and couch. About two weeks ago bedbugs started biting my husband. I find them every night now.

The higher up floors are filty and probably have bed bugs. Lower floors seem much cleaner. Dont think managment cares about the tops floors. Perhaps their fat asses cant walk up the stairs to see the problems.

I moved in this building on March 2009. 3 Months later, I noticed bedbugs in my unit. They have sprayed twice, and the bedbugs were gone for a while, but they have started to come back again because the whole building is infested, and bed bugs will spread from one unit to another.

In August/09 I moved into 10 San Romanoway with no previous experience with bedbugs. Although I was getting a rash and had what may have been bites, I thought perhaps I was having some type of allergic reation to something but Lord knows what. By November 1st, I had noticed something crawling on my dining room table. I killed it & never thought anything more until my daughter came to visit. She explained that she was just informed that the building had a serious bedbug infestation. We lived

10 floors apart & she had just gone to the rental office to complain that her bedbugs were falling from the ceiling onto her bed, crawling out of hook holes in the ceiling. Management sprayed both of our units but we never received the second treatment. My problem subsided but apparently they didn't all die as I know have them again 10X worse. Bold as they are , they travel during the day. I have had 3 sprayings for which I had to beg management.
I have been sleeping on an air mattress hoping that the problem was solved, but no! 2 months of sleeping on a cold air mattress now & 1 nite of sleeping on my mattress and they are more vivious than ever. I explained to management that I want to end my lease early & give them 30 days notice. I cannot sleep, am itchy all the time. I will have discarded 2 sofas, @ 1000.00 each & 2 bedsets, spent a fortune on sprays, steaming, laundered my wardrobe, bought plastic bins to protect my clothing and am now falling behind in my rent. Management does not care about the situation & his main concern was the last months rent for which I told him to keep my deposit. No, they will garnish my wages if I do not give the extra 30 days notice. My health is not good at this point due to an accident in August, I was off work and now bedbugs!! BTW, my daughter moved out of her unit early and they came to do her 2nd spray the day before she moved out. Thse people are aware of the problem and take their time in solving the problem if they take action at all. One woman I spoke with in the building said she had been sprayed 5 times and still has bedbugs...she is about the same age as myself, 55 and both too old for this nonsense.

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there is a bedbugs infestation in this building. I heard a tenant in this building compaining about bed bugs in the rental office and a month latter myself and 7 others are overwhelmed with them... I don't know what to do about the situation. I have got rid of most of my belongings such as my beds, couch and chairs and still the probel persist after having my apartment sprayed twice.

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