3250 Keele St
Toronto, ON M3M

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I lived at this location 1 year, I noticed that I was being bitten, and developed welts all over my body. I soon noticed that there were black crawling bugs in my bedrrom, mattress, sofa, walls. Informing the landlord..METCAP...did no good. I had to take them to the Tribunal to get any action. I noticep people moving out of the building in swarms...I asked to terminate my lease, and eas declined, withholding my rent, they took action to evict me.

In the mean time all of my posessions were dam

anged, as ordered by the tribunal, Metcap did nothing to restore or assist. I left with basically the clothes on my back and a few personal items. I was washing bugs and nests out of everything. METCAP denied any wrong doing, and now 2 years after, are after ME for 3000.00..stating I abandoned the building. These are disgusting leaches of society. I went to the tribunal and heard how a woman had her furniture taken from her, and destroyed....I sure would love to her from anyone with similar problems.

It has taken me 2 years to start over again..and METCAP still will not leave me alone!!!!

They are harassing me at my mothers place, my work place and also sending mail to my home.

Lawyers are expensive, I make a modest living, but I have a very strong case. I am looking for a lawyr, willing to take on a CLASS ACTION SUIT against there cockroaches of society.

Feel free to contact me

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