7 Four Winds Dr
Toronto, ON M3J

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just like the other tenants the bed bugs are worse and bigger they dont even wait to come out at night anymore they lay open of blankets pillows bed boards big small its horrible the landlord doesnt give a crap i hope this landlord gets fined or loses her abilitys to occupy a unit seriously im gone asap. 13-7 four winds drive

Jan, 1- May,12/2011

I have an experience with bed bugs. There are lots of them in the townhouse. It is impossible to get rid of them by using spray and powder provided by landlord. They bite me every night and I can't wait to move out! Couple tenants are complaining too.

People, be careful about that place! If you don't want to be a victim - avoid 13-7 four winds drive!

I live at 13-7 Four Winds Drive.
My roommates complaining about bites at night(the second floor during the winter and the basement lately), though I haven't experienced it yet. It is not a wonder since the house has 7 roommates and there was turnover of the 13 people in the last year. Conditions of living are terrible. The kitchen is old and dirty. The landlady cares only about collecting the rent and completely ignores living conditions of tenants. I am also moving as soon as possible.

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