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below is the text of an email I sent to the board of directors of my housing co-op on Oct 14, 2008. I received no reply from my board, just a brushoff from office staff. I understand that the issue was discussed in a board meeting, but they apparently declined to respond to me. This matter has not been discussed by the membership in any meeting as far as I know, and there certainly has never been a meeting with this issue as an agenda item. My sense is that they are ignoring the problem, and it

is likely ongoing. This co-op is a disaster on all levels (imagine having the local neighborhood busybody running everything, that's what we have here). Avoid at all costs.

Attached please find two photos of a matress and box spring which I saw being
taken from Apt 601 at 12:30 pm on October 13th. These photos were taken at 7pm
on the same day, with sign (HAS BEDBUGS DO NOT TOUCH) attached. Note that in the second photo, the sign
had been removed by the lady in 601 after she heard me discussing the matter
with other residents of our floor. I asked her when she was going to remove
them, and she said 'sometime next week.' After some discussion, she found some
help and got them carried out. She then came to my door to yell at me about the
situation. There have been numerous problems with tenants of that apartment -
leaving garbage out, keeping their door open all day, smoking in the hallway
outside my apartment., etc. There is some question as to whether anyone actually
lives in that apartment full time, as notices and advertising sometimes remains
on their door handle for weeks at a time.

There have been other incidents of furniture left in the hall outside my
apartment, sometimes for days, and I wonder if that had to do with bedbugs

As there have been conflicting reports on the state of the bedbug issue from
members and from the Co-op office, I formally request that this situation be
discussed at the next meeting of the general membership.
I have no bedbugs at this time, and if I get them as a result of this or any
other action by members or co-op staff and board, I will be very upset.

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