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I have had to throw out about $2000.00 in furniture and bedding because we had bed bugs. I did inform my superintendant in March of 2008 and nothing, absolutely nothing has been done. I had to spray and put caulking around every baseboard in my apartment myself. I lived without furniture for months because I cannot afford to buy any, my kids were not happy. I was bitten, my son and my daughter. We had them in the bedrooms and in the livingroom. I spent months with anxiety and scared to sle

ep in case they came back. I watched them come out of my light in the ceiling and the baseboards. We are still not over it. I ended up having to get my older son to buy us futons and now I am concerned that we may get them again. After I threw out everything in March I have not seen any, but that doesn\'t mean they are not there. I feel paranoid somedays that something is crawling on me. I just wish the super has done something, anything, but they haven\'t.

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