32 Bowsfield Rd
Toronto, ON M3J

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I am in college and I moved to this location (09/01/2010) for student housing. It's a room of a basement apartment which I share with 3 other students. I have been here for the past 2.5 years. My landlord did not disclose the fact that the there were complaints of bedbugs amongst my roommates. Apparently they have been dealing with them for quite some time prior to my moving in. I told the landlord that there was an issue and he acted as if he was unaware till I caught one and showed him. I've

made several inquiries and requests as to solution with little to no effect. The landlord refuses to bring in a professional and insists on solving the problem on his own. He has replaced the carpets with panel flooring for all the rooms and continues to not disclose the issue with new tenants. When I ask him to do something about it, he tells me to put my linens in the washing machine but this of course can not be done unless it's no earlier than 10pm do to energy costs. I can not afford to move out and I have only a semester or two left (Sept 09/14/2011). I have been dealing with the problem in the best way I can which is by making sure I have my laundry washed regularly and spending as little time at home as possible. I have on average 2-3 bites occur a night and have gone as far as to sleep completely covered from head to toe including my face and hands.

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