1 Fountainhead Rd
Toronto, ON M3J

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Roaches and mice were the order of the day when I used to live at 1 Fountainhead. Reported to the management and they didn't do much about it until I reported them to the powers that deal with these kind of cases.

zero management.
horrible apt.
on 20-23 floor, sometimes, in the winter time, toilet flooding..

Just moved from there after 2 1/2 years...hadn't had a bedbug issue but the ROACHES were audaciously terrible. Mostly in the kitchen due to the fact that MetCap ordered an inspection of everyone's pipes and had left them OPEN for several days which caused them to easily walk into our apt. from other severely infested apts. Every 3rd week in the month, they would send notices for spraying....got so sick of it because on days when they were supposed to have been in the apt., there was no evidence

of them being there! Who knows where their poison was sprayed! Once they started infiltrating past the hall into bedrooms, we decided to move...and we threw away 80% of our possessions because they started to NEST in THINGS too!!

see full report...

Cocroaches, Bed bugs hiding in my electronics, couch, and carpet. This building has always been having heavy cockroach infestation for the past 2 years that I have been here. Only recently have I been noticing the bed bugs though.

in the process of getting rid of them, started on a pull out couch in living room where friend slept. disposed of it and brought in new leather couch and reclining cloth chair, seem to still be infested after friend slept on either and still received bites.

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