5 Yeomans Rd
Toronto, ON M3H

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FRIDAY the 13th 2010
5 Yeoman Rd
North York
Single Family Dwelling - 4 bedroom house

We had no idea we even had these little pests, until the other night when "he" went to sleep upstairs for a night - the next night at roughly 4am (bed bug hour) we went into the bedroom to be doing something (I no longer remember what it was) and upon moving a pillow discovered 8 live adults on the side of the pillow. They were immediately taken outside and crushed. (I hear that's a common react

ion lol)
The house is a single unit stand alone dwelling - the landlord has been notified and while he claims there has been no previous issues the fact the previous tenants left all sorts of very personal items behind (and when called DID want them, but oddly never came to get them) - bespeaks an earlier problem - compounded with the fact the house was allowed to sit empty an extended period - the rent was unusually cheap - and we have a resident millipede who every night trucks out the office air vent and heads for the bedroom (millipedes love to munch bedbugs apparently) - all bespeak a long standing problem - (he knows where his dinner is).

It's taken us 3 days just to get a hold of the landlord who is displaying numerous upkeep and maintenace issues (leaking pipes, crappy caulking jobs, torn screens in windows etc) - I highly doubt he will be bothered to fix this - and so I want to make SURE YOU don't end up with this mess like we have done - I feel obligated to be responsible in reporting the matter.

AS an aside the only other POSSIBLE explanation is that on June 17th there was a company conferrence in Vancouver - the guys stayed at the SHERIDAN HOTEL on BURRARD - the hotel has ALSO been notified that they are possibly infested and were not at all pleased to be hearing it. The clerk I spoke to on the phone struck me as in denial and unlikely to investigate or treat for the bugs. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

All I know is I haven't left the house in mos due to health issues; so it wasn't ME. But it is all MY posessions, history and belongings ... which are now the subject of abject scrutiny and quite probably - disposal by fire.

We did find more bugs - carcasses, sheds and the like upon daylight inspection of the bedroom - only ONE further live adult has been spotted and captured live, but that's how many nymphs, and eggs ... we've vacuumed daily and are doing what we can but as you the bed bug community know - odds are - it will not be enough to stop them.

Sign Me ... BUGGED-OUT!

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