300 Wilmington Ave
Toronto, ON M3H

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Hello to anyone who is interested in becoming our tenant at 300 wilmington ave. We are the new owners of this house since april 2012. we appreciate your concerns for bed bugs.. we would be concerned as well. This is why on the first day of our possession we invited pest control, and within the next 7, 14 and 30 days we invited them again to ensure this issue has been dealt with. all old furniture has been disposed of and the house has been renovated.

We have had tenants since april of this ye

ar and received neither complaints nor made any observations of any bugs especially bed bugs.

thank you for being a responsible tenant and making this inquiry.

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I saw this place when my friend was living there last year. During the night is when I noticed them around the base boards and open drainage holes that lead from under the sink to the wall. Not just one but maybe 50 or so. I researched online and figured that the few larger ones could have been the mother which produces more. Glad that my friend does not live there no more. If you decide to move in to this or any other place and If they say that they have sprayed get receipt copies and telephone

numbers of the business to check. Also spray only temporarly get them away, you need a full Heat Ventilation Cleaning. Which cost my friend approx 2700 at that time to leave . I will post again once I find out from my friend who the owner was when renting that place .

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Currently live there. I'm not sure when the last post was made but the house is been fully renovated in last couple months. Owners assured the professional pest control has been done. Couple times i saw some people coming around to check on the current status. I personally have no complaints, didnt see there any "unwaned neighbours".

we were covered in them all units except bottom floor however owners daughter is in bottom floor, next door also has them we did a heat treatment that cost 2700 dollars we paid for to move out of the unit without the bugs. Had to live in a hotel for over a week.

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