1 Canyon Ave
Toronto, ON M3H

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I have rented the apartment in this building on May 2011, after then I needed to leave country for a year. As I already signed a rent agreement for 1 year, I asked my friends to live their until I come back. They did so, but unfortunately one of the two friends brought a mattress from near the garbage bins, full of bedbugs already, I suppose. When I moved their this September 2012,after one week the bedbugs ate my little daughter. I reported to superintendent on September 13, the service guy cam

e on September 18, the second treatment is booked for October 2. We don't stay there, scared. Live in my brother's place for now. Need to throw away all my furniture now. And I am a single mom with 3 children, I am so depressed and frustrated with this problem. I am even scared to bring new furniture there, everybody thretens me, that it's almost impossible to get rid of the bedbugs. What can I do, I am already looking for another apartment, can't find anything.
P.S. The mattress was picked up at 1 Canyon Ave. garbage bins, so I think somebody already had this problem there!!! People, please, if you throw something with bedbugs, just put a label on it, don't let other people recycle it!!! And I am so angry at my friends, who made our life so miserable at this moment. If you see my 3 years old daughter's body, you'll cry like me. Her body gave allergic reaction to the bites, it's awful !

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I went away for a week to Windsor, Ontario and came back labour day, the next day I had 6 bites on my legs. On wednesday, my legs were covered in them, I thought it was an allergic reaction to something, but went to the doctor and she confirmed I had bed bugs. I immediately called my superintendent and the had me speak to the property manager, to which I reported my finding. The bedbugs were not in my bedroom but in my living room only, so I ended up throwign out my couch and carpets just to b

e sure. They had my apartment sprayed 3 days later and I am praying they do not come back.

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