Grenoble Dr
Toronto, ON M3C

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45 Grenoble Drive.
This entire building is infested with bedbugs. The person in charge of building maintenance Roger, is aware of this but does not care and has made no attempts to bring in some form of extermination. The building has many new Canadians and lots of families in it who's young children are being bitten along with myself and my family. I believe this infestation is being overlooked due to the fact that there is a language barrier between many of the tenants and those in charge. I

however, am quite capable of letting you know that the building is not worth the price as every unit must be infested. There is a large amount of mattress, couches, and other furniture collecting in the garbage outside and bedbugs crawling on those as well.
Please be warned that you will probably have most of your belongings ruined if you move in here and if you ask some of the tenants they will let you know the same. Cheaper rent is not worth it for not being able to sleep soundly and having to replace everything you own or not being able to bring it on to your next home.
I hope that this will save someone the stress and money which it is costing my family to deal with.

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