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Discovered minor infestation of matress and Boxspring at the start of January. Been sprayed twice, thought we had it beat, as I took all extreme measures of throwing out all mattresses, box springs bed frames etc, calkling entire unit, getting pest control involved with spraying (twice) using RAID MAX like 5 cans or so all around the base boards etc, still battling now... as I have no idea where they are coming from but know they are there as my children are being bitten ! it's a huge stress a

nd it's driving me mental... it was easier when I could actually see them, but now my children are getting bites, yet I can't see any, carpet tape isn't catching any, everywhere is sealed, everything has been washed and dried more times than I'd like to admit, like $250 in laundry in the last few months... I'm at my wits end, and I am so sick and tired of all this environmentally friendly bullshit when it comes to pesticides etc, If I could have my way I'd coat my place in the most toxic stuff know to pests and just leave for a week and come back... not that hard to stay at a friends place or family members' place, BULLSHIT and that's all I have to say about bedbugs, our government is slow to act on anything that doesn't involve dollars in their pockets, the media makes a joke of it not reporting on the topic enough and only showing the extreme cases where seniors are involved etc. I'm not religous in any way shape or form,... but if there was ever a time to pray it would be now !!! .... sure I can move... but no guarntee I won't take the little fuckers with me...


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