10 Grenoble Dr
Toronto, ON M3C

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I Have bedbugs in my apartment my poor kids are all bitten and since they are allergic , make the problem even worse. I told the super about it and pest control is coming. My concern is that my neighbour beside and below my apartment were infected and treated with this bug 3 week ago and nobody warning me about this in the building.
I throw away a full bed with matrres and almost all the blanket for the room. lot of money in dryer machines also. very disappointed and depressed

This place is a dump. I DO NOT recommend living here for even 1 day. The supers are assholes and don't do anything. HUGE cockroach problem. You'll see them in the lobby, elevator, garbage chute and even in your home including your kitchen. Pest control came and they looked arround and said "The roaches were not seen" in his report. I don't think they'll stick arround for the pest control guy to "SEE". We showed them the dead ones we killed and they still didn't do anything. There is also a probl

em with sqirrels climbing up to even the 17th floor and trashing your balcony because there are no nets on the balconies even though they know that this is a problem. And lately we have experienced power outages because the fuses on the building are old and have not been replaced.

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Thanks god Shelly is back. The building is ok, thanks to Shelly and Terry!!!

Hi,my name is noor and i'm living in this building long time.before the super her name is Shelly she is big stupid in this beautiful building.but now she is fire from this building.and this very good news for everyone.now the super his name is Mark he is very nice and friendly guy.we all very happy with him.he is really working so hard.i think now not the problem with roches and bed bugs.Thank you.

There is a MAJOR problem with roaches in this building. Ive not had bed bugs but the roaches are bad bad bad, I have not had a problem with bed bugs but the people in this building are dirty, they throw their garbage all over the floor. DO NOT recomend to anyone to live in this building!!

i live in this building, and i have a lot of cockroaches, the pest control came if 5 times to my apartment, and cant see any results, 1 year ago had a bed bugs, im very clean, but the problem is of the entire building, i want to move, but told me that i need to wait 60 days for to leave the apart, this is very serius, i need to demant to the ministry of health, because this is dangerus, one friend have 2 babies and have the same problems

Moved into this building on December 01 2011. I found the Super and asst Super to be really friendly and caring.This place is so much better than the hole i lived in around the Corner.I would not hesitate to recommend this building to any one who wants to live in a clean well maintained apartment Highrise.

Hi,my name is noor and i'm living at 10,grenoble drive.the building is very bad.there is cockroches and bedbugs.and the rent is so high.super is not working properly before the super his name is ben.he is such a nice person.now shelly and terry they just west a time.so dont move in this garbage building. Thank you.

my friend live in this building almost 5 years.he said this building is big fucking building.before a man his name was ben such a good guy. but now is new super her name is shelly she is big bitch.so please don't move in this stupid building.there is a lots of roches,mouse & big bed bug.thank you the stupid and fucker super.

I have bed bugs and whole building have bed bugs (2011). The pest control do nothing. Isn't a good place to live here.

not a bad building a few apartments have roaches ive seen some but very clean building nice places too

ive been un this building for 5 years and i find the building clean and management very friendly

Building is good,safe and clean
I,personally,recommend it to anyone.

I lived 7 years in this place,everything is great,building is very clean and staff is nice and friendly and i never had roaches.

dates of residency :2006-2007

No bedbugs (that I know of) but definately roaches. BEWARE. an awful place to live. Wish someone had warned me...

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