740 York Mills Rd
Toronto, ON M3B

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This building had one of the worst mice infestations I have ever experienced in my life. The apartment consists of 19 floors and even while living in one of the highest floors in the building our apartment was still riddled with mice.

Due to a pretty vicious dust allergy I could never figure out why my I always woke up with itching all over my body. It wasnt until I was watching CP24 one day when they exposed the huge beg bug crisis in Toronto.

I have no doubt in my mind that my apartmen

t was not only riddled with mice but bed bugs as well. There is no excuse for this type of infestation especially in an apartment that charges some tenants almost $1500 for a two bedroom apartment. Minto has done an excellent job at trying to rectify the situation and update the buildings but the previous owners (York Mills Holdings) are full of shit and do not care about their tenants. Yaan was the previous owner, and he could care a less about anyone unless you threw some money in his face.

The superintendants of each building in the complex are lovely people and will always help you out. They were a great support system during this crisis (as Im sure they didnt want bed bugs or mice any less than I did).

If you are considering moving into this apartment make sure you are making the right decision and ask to look at documentation from exterminators. I cannot tell you how much money I spent on gadgets to send signals through the walls to deter the mice or how many mouse traps or sticky plates I placed around the apartment. It truly was disgusting.

Before moving in check all holes in the walls (especially by the vents and heating) and make sure there is no possible entry for the mice to get into your apartment.

The apartments back onto a MASSIVE field which is just an invitation for field mice to find a cozy pipe to sleep in during the cold winter nights. I have no doubt in my mind that at some point they will come back its just a matter of time.

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