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Why so much alarm? I grew up with bedbugs in the Caribbean years ago. You don't see bedbugs there now. If the third world as you call it, can eradicate them successfully then this great country can do the same.
Try cleaning more thoroughly, especially in the corners, under the bed etc.. Sun and air up the bedroom more. Pull the blinds and let the sun in. Wrap your bed in plastic from time to time so that they will suffocate. The good old spring and fall spray out and clean out will help.

You don't have to spay only when you see bugs.

Stop the panic and focus on the problem instead.

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yeah...i heard that the National Post is responsible for spreading bed bugs through out the city!! they have staff hired that breed the little suckers and then they rent units all over the city and release them.

i also heard that they use reporters that quote ridiculous unmediated websites that allow you to post whatever crap you want and they treat it as the absolute truth.

and aliens ate my mother

right after they checked my arse for bedbugs

yes....i too work at the National Post. I thought the bed bugs were just limited to my cubicle, but when i discreetly spoke with some co-workers, i found all of our calves were covered in bite marks.
the Post refuses to call in an exterminator!!!

yeah i work for the post and i got bedbugs at work!!!

and when i told my boss...they said it was my problem!

the national post newsroom is crawling with bedbugs. i sat down at reception and my ankles were immediately bitten by at least 5 of the bugs.
i literally burned all the clothing i had on that day.

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