21 Welsford Gdns
Toronto, ON M3A

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Just wondering whats happening in this building now? Are they gone?

Oh my God, I am honestly so thrilled to have found this website. I was living in 21 Welsford for almost 2 years before getting evicted (haha) ... I did not know what bed bugs were until I finally decided to check out Google Images! I constantly seen these big red bugs crawling up my wall, near the vent, on my bed ...enough was enough. I flipped up my mattress and there was actually blood on it -- DISGUSTING! I threw my mattress and box spring off the balcony. I purchased a brand new bed and a fe

w months later found that it was infested again! I threw that off the balcony as well. A few months later (I was now sleeping on a blow up mattress) my 5 year old sister's bed was infested. We threw that off the balcony. This three bedroom apartment now had 1 bed. Completely disgusting. We battled endlessly with these bugs and they "fumigated" but it never worked. We even put the bug in a little bag and showed it to the landlord ...she did nothing. I don't understand how this is still going on...... Disgusting! It's sad too because the apartment was very nice, minus the UNWANTED GUESTS!!!

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I rented a unit in this building to find out the day before I was to move in that the unit was infested with bedbugs..... due to me signing a lease the building manager would not let us back out, they offered us another unit, which we took. 6 months later I woke up covered in bites!!! I went with my own company leap pest control services, as the building clearly cannot control this on their own.

My unit was clear, but still nervous as I am a mother of two young children, i broke my lease and

I am moving my family out!!!!


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Woooooo, it looks like no end to fight with bedbugs. I am thinking how to surround.

I live in this building and i'm sick to know that I'm sharing my apt with bedbugs, They have sprayed my unit and units around me 4 times.First notice was in the winter of last yr. Last spray was last month in August.

STILL HAVE BED BUGS! Gross, I turned down another treatment because it DOESN'T WORK! The whole building needs to get done, not just apts that complain. If the bedbugs are in one unit they are in every unit.

I personally feel that the whole building needs to be done.


ng more needs to be done. I had to throw out my daughters bed because of the bedbugs,There is always mattress and couch's in the garbage at our building. I think our building is infested and no one is saying anything about it. Maybe due to not knowing what the bugs look like.
I think the board of health should look into all buildings that have filed a complait.

It's gross and I'm sick of it.
I can't wait to move from here. Also i have insurance in my apt and it doesn't cover the cost of my daughters bed due to bedbugs. I think insurance policy's should cover this.
I'm a single working full time mother and can't afford another bed.


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