150 Graydon Hall Dr
Toronto, ON M3A

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Similar problems as everyone else! Extreme bed bug problem to the point it is causing health problems for myself and my children. I made a report when I moved in here and several others since then over 9 months ago. The bites are so bad it is impacting my job in customer service. The exterior is so damaged chucks of concrete have fallen off and almost hit us (which was all caught on tape). The wash machines soap dispensers are full of black mold. There is dog droppings all over the property. The

y have been through two managers and currently don't have one. I can keep going but I won't. I'm pursuing them in court and the landlord tent board as well as civil court. It is just crazy the buildings haven't been condemned!

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re the comment of 150 Graydon Hall Dr, please bear in mind as an adult that if the building was empty there would not be a BUG problem!!! so guess what keep your unit CLEAN take out the garbage frequent, don"t block the garbage shoot, treat it as your home you"re paying to live there,take responsibility, i lived there for four years never had a problem, when i need something fix its done within 24 hours, i had encountered nothing but politeness and respect, SUPERINTENDENTS AND STAFFS ALIKE .whi

ch i think depends on the approach i took, RESPECT IS EARNED.
how many places would approach their bug problem as GH CAPITAL, i have run into the Company that does the spray for this company and i"m sure its not cheap, no one is perfect, but if the Tennants continue to leave garbage on the floor break down the garbage shoot more than once a year, leave garbage in the hall way and in the elevators and don't clean up after yourselves, yes the problem will continue. This is not a hotel, there are little things we can all do to prevent all these complaints DIY
these people works very hard to please the residents,
get off your ASSES BE YOUR OWN SOLUTIONS NOT THE PROBLEM, i never had bugs never have bugs because i do things for myself and when they need to spray do as instructed and stop making up excuses.

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It is the worst building to live in Toronto. Lots of roaches and management does not treat them properly. You should only come to this building, if there is nothing left in Toronto to live.

hi.... I have posted a comment about this building and you guys have removed it ... it's not a good thing.. you are manipulating the user feedback

We moved in here in June and have been getting bitten since a week afterwards! the superintendent is rude and he tells us he will fix the problem and then when nobody addresses it he tells us in confidence that the building owners are too cheap to spend the money on proper pest control. He does not care and neither does the maintenence office, we have filled out several work orders to no avail.
We didn't research properly before moving here and even our baby is being bit!
I'm so sad about thi

s we purchased brand new beds and couches before moving in here and now we are going to have to throw them out, the floor above us is infested as well, I am assuming most of the building has the problem, the bugs travel through the electrical outlets! we were stunned when we found them crawling out of the plug in our bedroom!!

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I found a large number of bedbugs on my matress last sunday. There were different sizes of bedbugs, eggs and cast skin of bed bugs. such a nightmare. My arms and legs are all covered with bites.
It was my worst mistake to move in this apartment. We've found a lot of roaches everywhere since we've moved in last January.
Don't move in this building. There are 3 builings, 50, 100, 150 Graydon Hall Dr.,under the same landlorder and they're all dirty and the maintenance is just awful.

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