100 Graydon Hall Dr
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Building is full of roaches and management of these buildings is even worst. You should only come to these buildings if this is the last building left in Canada to live. Try to run away as far as you can.

150 Graydon Hall Dr - Review

It is an old building and there are many roaches in the building. Management did the spray to get rid of bugs but no use.
I wouldn't recommend this building to the people who have toddlers as you cannot drive your stroller to elevator but you have to pick the stroller and cross the stair with kids (which are not an easy job). It’s a small issue but management seems not interested to fix it.
Another major issue is with the buttons of elevators. First of all

you wouldn't know if the buttons has been pressed or not. Secondly you wouldn't know if the elevator is going up or down. Many school going kids families are living in these buildings and it is hard to get a place in elevator during morning time.

Apartments are big having 1 and 1.5 bathrooms. Considering your requirements, this building should be the last choice in your list.

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I am a Tenant at this building for over 9 years, this building has gotten from bad to WORST. Management is ignorant and only cares about getting the rent. The Cockroaches have double up, old appliances that are so dirty and full of cockroaches. Not to mention how the appliances keep breaking down. Management does not care to replace any of the Appliances, they just keep replacing the old parts with older parts when the appliances break down. Do your self a favor listen to what people are say

ing and DO NOT MOVE IN HERE. You will defiantly Regret your Decision. The reason i am still here is because i'm looking to save to get my own place and have kids that go to the high school, Don't feel right moving them as it's hard to make new friends when you are in high school. MANAGEMENT has Disgusting Attitude and only thinks about Themselves. They Treat their Employees like Shit. HORRIBLE PEOPLE

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First of all. If you were educated on bedbugs at all, you would know that when 2 apartments have bedbugs, they rest of the apartments get equally affected. This is due to the carpeting in the building and the wood (which is where they LIVE!) If you are able to take a look at the storage locker, you will be able to see that there is lots of wood present as well as moisture, because of the laundry room, and well...it is underground isn't it? Not saying there aren't dirty tenants living at Graydon

Hall. But I know for a fact that when MY family moved in here, they were not notified of this issue. Now we see these issues, such as cockroaches, bedbugs, power outages, and random water repairs.I can honestly say, we regret signing a lease. This has been the worst experience in a building I have ever been through. Worst part is, I'm pregnant, and the stress of all the B.S going on right now is taking a HUGE toll on me.

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I Had to toss EVERYTHING. They didn't show me the unit I was going to rent because "it was being worked on" however I was shown a furnished unit. Apparently they do this to a lot of people.
My unit ended up being a dilapidated roach and bedbug ridden, waterlogged, mold infested hole. I thought I was going to save money for a house, I am now out thousands to replace all my furniture and electronics. GH Capital property management company should be put in jail. Toronto housing at its worst.

Bed bugs, roaches and bad maintenance in 100 I learned my lesson. Next time you look at an apartment also check their back garbage area, if like Graydon hall they have stacks of matrices BED BUGS... Every week several matrices mostly new lined up to be thrown away. We had water damage in our bedrooms and they just painted over it. They pretend to fix things but don't it a health hazard.

How can someone not pay rent for up to $6000 and what about what was said about the underground parking. It sounds like you really don't care for tenants in this building and it is kept very dirty. Why do you only show model suites?

Maybe the people that have bugs should not live like pigs and clean up their garbage. Bugs like to eat so if you keep your place like a garbage dump what can you expect! Re woman that was charged over $6000 - she forgot to mention what damages she did, painting floors destroying appliances, painting walls dark colours, plaster damage, ruining kitchen and bath cupboards by painting (poorly) doors and cabinets so had to be completely replaced, plus she was evicted due to non payment of rent. So if

you owned a place that you rented to someone would you not want to try and retrieve some of your cost from a tenant that puposely tried to destroy it? I am not associated to Graydon hall but know someone that is so was able to get the true story

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I moved to 100 Graydon hall in August 2010 and at first I was very impressed. They showed you a model suit with was lovely. I was eager to move in to this sunny lovely apt. However after fall my sunny apt turned into a complete nightmare. The underground parking looks like it is about to cave in. We found roaches in the fridge, dishwasher and cupboards. when I complained they offered to spray but would have to spary to floor above and below me. - fine. but to my knowledge that makes

them scatter throughout the building. Nevertheless these creaturs moved to the balcony, bathroom and bedroom. I was terrifed to have company over. In order to keep them away I had to keep the kitchen light on. but these creatures are bold. They started not to care. This was the worst mistake ever. I had to get rid of all my furniture. Break my lease and now living at relatives to start over.

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I am a tenant at 100 Graydon Hall Drive, I have lived here since November 1st 2010, and it was the worst mistake i have ever made,these people that own these 3 buildings, 50, 100 and 150 are pure SLUMB LANDLORDS, i have seen bed bugs in hallways and downstairs at the back of the building where everyone throws out the old garbage, or where management puts old furniture and stuff when people move out, it is a real eye sore, smells and bad for peoples health, i do not understand how a health inspec

tor has or any inspectors, are not at this building on a regular, as per old garbage ect.....beds and couches, management should have there on site staff(supers) to cut up theses items so they are not brought back into the building, because i have seen people bring back in!!! There is no special bin for these huge items, as there is such a huge turnover here, garbage is just thrown all over the place, my lease is up in october and i am finding some where else to move, this is HELL here, these people take ur money, and its alot what they charge.............DONT MOVE HERE!!! BED BUGS,ROACHES,DIRTY,LEAKS.......i could go on and on...........DONT MOVE HERE.....!!!

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Bug & ants are only the tip of the iceberg. I could go on for ever about the half ass maintence & slowest elevators in history. But this is the best part. When I complained about my repair they did them 1/2 assed again & gave me a bill for 6339.30 to fix it up for the next tenant. Do yourself a favor. Unless a shelter is your last resort DON'T COME TO. GRAYDON HELL!

(July 2010-2011) I've only been here 1 year and leaving in a few months when my lease is up.

Among MANY of the problems at this building, bugs is definitely one of them.

I first had these large, super fast bugs in my bathroom and kitchen. They only went away if I left the kitchen light on 24/7 (they seem to like the dark and scurry away when you flick on the light).

Once I figured out how to keep them at bay, a new breed has cropped up. These ones are tiny, but also in the kitchen and a

lways near the sink and dishwasher. They are more annoying than anything simply because there are always a few crawling around at a time. On the walls, cupboards, and in the sink.

So not 1, but 2 breeds of bugs in an apartment over the span of a year here.

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Several apartments in this building have bed bugs. The management likes to keep things hush hush. Even though there were several apartments that had them they still didn't have the decency to let the other tenants know.

Summer/fall 2007 It was disgusting, three were infested at that time

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