6030 Bathurst St
Toronto, ON M2R

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I had bedbugs at the end of 2012. i sprayed the appartment, changed the furniture and start a happy life. after two months i found the life not so happy cos the building from the 1st floor to 19th floor is infested with bedbugs. neighbours knock one each other door to see what can be done. management, at the time when i informed them, nov 2012, about problems i had, hid the truth. for them my appartment was the only one with bedbugs. my advise for new tenants...RUUUNNN.

Stay away from this building. I had mice for 12 months, bedbugs twice and they cannot get rid of roaches.. Management changed and there is no difference. People urinate in elevators, roaches crawling in hallways, garbage everywhere and serious bedbug and mice problem. Don't waste your money renting here.

I used to live in 6030 back in 2009 and they had a really bad mice problem and I moved away because of the mice.

The first encounter was June 2010. We called once we realized what it was and they sent over somebody to spray for bedbugs. However there was no assessment, very minimal prep and all they did was spray the bedroom. Which was not good because they all went into the living room. This non thorough spray didn't do much and they had to be called back in. The problem is that they need to treat the whole building not just one apartment. The bedbugs will just run to another location in the buildin

g. So not to our surprise the bedbugs came back in full force in April 2011. So right now the bugs are spreading. This building is lax and doesn't give a care about the tenants. It is really unfortunate that so many people live there and are subject to living this way. I caution anyone who is thinking about moving into this location. Do not do it. The building management is terrible. There are bedbugs and they will just use a band-aid solution to get rid of them. In order to combat bedbugs everything has to be treated in some form. You can't just spray a small area of the apartment, ie the couch and the bed and expect it to be gone. They hide in cracks in the baseboards, in the ceiling, in the walls. Beware of this building and don't ever move in here. It has been a living nightmare. I hope this helps anyone who is considering moving in.

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I have lived here a year now. I have not seen any mice or bedbugs. I have seen only one cockroach in the bathroom. I lived in a bedbug building, 191 Sherbourne a few years ago but 6030 Bathurst seems clean and bedbug free. AT least on my floor. I also find the staff great. Brand new floors, carpet, hall painted, pool opened.

It happened 8 months after I moved in. What I first thought it was a very bad intoxication, proved itself to be what turned my and my whole family's life upside down. It was a horible infestation that reached bigger and bigger proportions with every day that passed. We felt them every night crawling all over our sheets and our skin. We turned on the light and killed the ones that we could see in the bed and all over the walls and as we went back to sleep they came to bite us over and over agai

n. We moved in the living room, threw away our matress, soon to discover they took over our futton. My whole body was full of horrible red itches, making me scratch all the time and even stay awake at night and continuously scratch. The pest control company sprayed twice, but we lost ALL our furniture, took our bags, washed every single thing and moved away. Every day I thank God I left that nightmare place. They also have mice and cockroaches, broken windows and showers and very rude personnel. Think ten times before if you ever think moving there and ask the tenants of the building, they would all tell you the same things.

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