6020 Bathurst St
Toronto, ON M2R

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July 21 2012

For the past month have been waking up with what looks like mosquito bites but they itch and then burn. Eventually the swelling goes down and they become little red dots. They are in the usual patterns of three (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

Management has been notified multiple times by myself and other tenants yet nothing has ever been done. There is always brand new furniture and carpets out back by the garbage because of the bed bugs.

To top it all off the building

is infested with mice and TONS of cockroaches. They had roach control come in and all they did was open up the cupboard at the bottom of my sink, take one second look shut it and say there was no problem. Despite the fact that I have seen them crawling on the wall and sink in the bathroom and have seen them in my kitchen as well.

The management strictly cares about making the most money they possibly can and not about the health and well being of the tenants. I also suspect a mold problem as in the lobby you can often smell it and there is often leaks through the cielings.

Do yourself a HUGE favour and don't tie yourself into a lease in this building. Unless of course you enjoy throwing out brand new mattresses, sofa's, etc. And knowing that bugs are feeding on you at night.

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