5950 Bathurst St
Toronto, ON M2R

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No bedbugs yet but the cockroaches are unbelievable here. We have been sprayed and its so much more. I want to cry.....

Terrible, terrible building. My family and I have been long-time tenants here for almost 10 years. As a lot of people mentioned the superintendent Bob is the worst of them all.

The building is falling apart. Elevators always broken. Garbage, foul smell everywhere. COCKROACHES. Cockroaches EVERYWHERE. Nothing can be done about it. We've had bug exterminators coming in, used home-made methods and nothing. They were everywhere, in kitchen, in bathroom, in the oven. It was ridiculous. Mold, every

where too. Oh yeah, and in summer 2014 I've seen mice in my unit too.

The temperature in the building is messed up. They turn on heat in September and turn it off only in June. So when hot weather strikes in September and October, as it often does, you honestly can't be inside the apartment. It's an oven. So we'd run up our energy bill like crazy, just running AC. Then they don't turn off heat until June. So until June, while the weather is hot hot hot, you still have winter heating on. Again - you'll be running your AC trying to survive these months. It'll be torture.

All the complaints to the city and to the super, for many years, NOTHING.

Let's talk about the super, Bob. He is awful. As many have mentioned, he's always drunk. He is RUDE. He will never hesitate to tell you off. I had an emergency in my unit and I called him repeatedly, for 30 minutes, left a message on his broken machine, and still he wouldn't pick up. Finally, once he picked up, I've asked him to come and help me, he YELLED at me saying his working hours are 10-5. When I tried to tell him it was an emergency and I needed his help, he yelled "IT'S NOT MY PROBLEM" and hung up on me. I was honestly frozen in shock, I couldn't believe it. I tried to find his unit in the building, but I couldn't find it anywhere (he supposedly lives on 8th floor but there is no indicator). So I called again, almost hysterical, he finally picked up after numerous tries. I told him it's an emergency and I really need him to come help me with a unit problem. He then actually told me that he doesn't even LIVE in this building (what?) and that he can't help me, and told me to fuck off until next day 10-5 and hung up again.

Long story short: AWFUL building. AWFUL management. Poor people living here, being taken advantage of. Please, take your rent money and go anywhere else but here. My family and I lived here for almost 10 years, were loyal tenants, and once we relocated somewhere else (best decision of our lives), Bob treated us like dirt and cussed us out. This place is not worth your time.

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Here is another report. Been at 5950 Bathurst for 3 months and 1 elevator has been out of service the entire time. They have 1 elevator in service and it gets stuck EVERY TIME I have to do laundry which means I have to shlep it up 7 floors. We have cockroaches and they say they've sprayed but they keep coming back! We now have BED BUGS. We just submitted a letter and contacted the health department. Everyone should call 311 which is the Health Department!!!!!!!!!

As far as I know, 5950 Bathurst Street is a good building aside from the elevators which sometimes get stuck in between floors. I personally haven't experienced anything with bedbugs but that doesn't mean their are any in the building as well with other roaches. But I have only been here for a few months so I can't really judge so fast, but so far it is a good building.

Hi, I am reading this last comment, and I can't help but laugh...The guy who wrote this obviously is pissed off by the owners (and Bob is just superintendent)for charging him $3000....Who can do this and get away with it? Regular rent increase is legal, and happens in every building in Canada, app. 2-3% every year...He/she probably didn't pay rent for couple of months, and HAD to move out because of that reason, and now he is spitting on everybody and everything...I personally had 3 work order r

equests in past 4 months, and they are taken care of within 2-3 days.
The fact:Building is clean, and I know there were some neighbors complaining about bed bugs, but the whole Toronto has this problem, and my first neighbor didn't prepare his apartment for spraying, but only we, as tenants, have to do our part and let the owners deal with this problem.

I brought 4 tenants to this building in past 3 years, and nobody is complaining, except about elevators, and we are informed they will be updated soon. I enjoy being in this building, and I feel that the other side should have the right to say their opinion as well.

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This is the absolute worst building in all of North York. Never seen a more lazyer superatendant ever.All Bob (the superatendant) does is eat and smoke. He had to hire 3 assitants to clean for him, to fix appartoment problems and one to clean the elevators and they ALL do a crappy job. This building will not be standing for much longer all because of the bed bugs and lazy ass Bob just sitting, eating chips and smoking. I was passing a cat that was just about to just off the balcony, he saw the c

at and told me to go away, it won't jump and 3 minutes it jumped. Also, this building has rats, mice, roaches and bed bugs. I'd rather live on the street than live on the street than in this hell hole. Also, every year the prices go up by about $250-$350 even if you have lived her. And what is our money going to? Their are 2 elevators in my building only 1 works and the other one, 99.9999% chance you'll get stuck in and count on lazy ass Bob if thats even his real name to get some help. The day pigs start to fly is the day he'll get off his lazy smoking fat ass and do something, basically NEVER. So, if you want to live in the absolute worst building in ALL of North York, maybe even Toronto, then 5950 Bathurst street is the choice for you. Stay the hell away from the building, its out dated the balcony door has drafts, you might as well keep it open all winter, thats how cold it is. The heater is on ALL summer and brakes because of over usuage when it is needed in the Winter. In conclusion, don't get trapped into Bob's traps because their is no way of getting yourself out of it unless you want to deposit a HUGE and when I say huge, I mean over $3000.00 fee because you're moving.

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Hi, have been infested with BED BUGS for over a year. got sprayed, got rid of them. But had to practically beg the landlord for every extermination appointment! Guess what, BED BUGS came back with a vengeance and brought over every little bed bug friend and relative they could find. The past 6 months have been UNLIVABLE! we lost all the furniture and most of our books. We had to beg Bob (the landlord) for every appointment and only get 2 days notice before the guys come spray. Which is kind of i

nconvenient cause it takes time to prep the apartment, not to mention washing all the clothes. please. please. please STAY AWAY FROM THIS INFESTED BUILDING!!!! we are not the only ones!

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we are currently dealing with bed bugs as of May 2011. All my furnitures are brand new and unfortunately I have to get rid of them becuase we are planning to move out soon

There is currently a serious bed bug infestation in this building. Every floor is affected. I am not sure if there are any in my apartement. I just found out my neighbours accross the hall have them and I am freaking out! I inspected my mattress and any unusual red marks on my body... but I am still not sure. I am literally living in fear just waiting for the infestation to reach my place. I am moving out at the end of the week, but that is not soon enough! Whatever you do NEVER move into

this building. It is old, filthy, and poorely managed.

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I live in this building, and no joke! As soon as I finished reading this, a bug came crawling into my room!

There are constant infestations because the building is alway fixing something like the pipes, there have been too many encounters to even give dates.

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