4701 Bathurst St
Toronto, ON M2R

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I worked in this building 6 years ago and the super told me there were bed bugs back then; of course he told me not to say anything. I think it is discusting that it as gone on this long with nothing done

Please see full story in Toronto Star: "Apartment with bedbugs veteran's reward" via this link: http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/article/513705

Roy Francis, an 81 yr. old veteran of W. War 2, and his wife first started seeing bedbugs at this location two years ago. Joe Fiorito of the Toronto Star did this story, and while doing so at their home, Mary Francis "...got up from her chair and she pointed to Roy's arms, his chest, the top of his head. Roy sat upright, looking fierce and full of fi

ght. I saw the welts.
Roy reacted so badly to the bites that for a time he slept in the living room in his chair. Mary said, 'I didn't react the same, but I got bites. I lost weight, the worrying.' She doesn't have much weight to lose." It took a year for the Super to spray their apartment for the first time, and recently they had to have it sprayed again.

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