300 Antibes Dr
Toronto, ON M2R

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I lived there from 1996-2013, no problems at all! Never saw roaches or bed bugs.

My nightmare has come true! I now have bed bugs!! I came across this bed bug registry by accident one day. Couldn't remember my postal code, so I went online and what was the first thing that came up??!! A BED BUG REGISTRY! Boy, was I surprised. I even asked them BEFORE I moved in about roaches and the lady played dumb as if she's never heard of roaches before. The laundry room is infested. Not only does this building have roaches, the units are infested with ants also. So now that's roach, ants

and now BED BUGS!! The worst to have. I've been here only 7 months and seen one roach in my unit. As for the ants, they're taking over. They're in the bathroom, kitchen, on the counters, on/in your furniture...everywhere! Now on top of all that stress, I now have to deal with bed bugs, which are the hardest thing to get rid of. It's safe to say that this building is infested!!!!!!!!!

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The most annoying pest in this building are the young Russian punks.

Is, there any issues with bed bugs or cockroaches or mice of any sort? Please update.

We lived in this place since 2001 (now is 2012 and we're still here). Had and have a few friends living in this building too. Never had or even heard of any problems.

Found them in my apt.

We moved into an apartment on the 21st floor in 2006 and discovered the bed bug infestation in late 2007, after returning from vacation to find a family had moved into our master bedroom. We were eventually forced to discard a large proportion of our belongings and find alternate accommodations.

We used to live in this apartment building (apt. 404), all was great until recently. About 2 years ago my mom thought she was having allergies because her neck and arms were itchy and had red dots on them. Then we realised that those were bed bugs! We informed our supervisors about the issue, they have done the spraying however with no luck. It only helped for a short while. After that we had to do the same treatment again, and again. Eventually, we moved out because the situation was becoming u

nbearable. Also, we were not the only ones with the issue. All the apartments around us, below and upstairs has the same problem.

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