Upper Canada Dr
Toronto, ON M2P

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Just a warning to those who think they are going to rent a cute apartment in a fab neighbourhood...31 Upper Canada Dr (Yonge and 401 area) is infested with these nasty little bugs and has been for some time. Management does little to remedy the problem either...spraying the infected apartment as well as the adjacent apartments will not solve the problem within the ENTIRE building - these buggers just move into the next available apartment where they can nibble DAY and NIGHT...these are NOT noct

urnal insects despite what anyone says. Management actually believes that if the apartment on the right side of the hallway has them - apartments on the left side of the hallway will not be affected by them. Give your head a shake.
Whatever the pest control company has been spraying doesn't seem to work either - my place was sprayed about 4 weeks ago and since then it's been absolute hell on earth - I've never seen anything like it - it doesn't stop.
So be warned...when you come to look at an apartment here - they will not mention the issue at all. About a month ago, a new couple moved in...took the poor people 3 days to get everything in and by the next week - they were moving back out. They both had bites all over their bodies and had to basically trash all their belongings.

Thankfully we're outta here!!!

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