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Does anybody have any updates on the bedbug situation at 31 Upper Canada Dr and 29 Upper Canada drive? Has it been taken care of? How's your experience currently living in the building? It's been several years since the last reports, and I'm looking into moving into a 1 bedroom here. Thanks!

They brought in sniffing dogs to find out where the bugs are. Only infested apts got heat treatment but not the whole building. No reports yet of the bugs returning at this time however, we don't no all the people that were or are infested.

I agree with the last statement that it very important that the tenents prepare their dwelling properly prior to treatment.

This is were I strongly disagree. Landlords and building management should not be giving any instuction or preperation papers to infested clients. ONLY professional and experienced exterminators should provide this information.

Treating an entire building can be expensive. If the units being treated are being properly prepared by the tenant, before hand, then it should only take 2-4 times to get rid of them. If the guy comes in to spray or steam and your unit has NOT been prepared then of course the problem isnt going to be fixed. Your landlord or management office should be giving you proper instructions on how to prepare your unit prior to treatment.

Still bed bug active Nov 2010. You can see the mattresses in the garbage as well as other furniture clearly contaminated with secretions from bed bugs. If your looking at apts this is a dead give away.

There are many vacant apts at this time.
If you want rent a unit, property management will tell you that they had problems in the past but now ok. This is not true at all. This should be illegal. I spoke to 5 tenants before submitting my application only to find out that several units are

still having problems. However, at least they are cooperating with infested apts to get treatments done as I have been told. The truth is the bed bugs always come back.

Can someone tell me why don't they treat the entire building at once instead of apts being treated case by case? Would this help solve the problem?

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Still Bed Bug active Oct 2010. Treatments are currently in progress but only case by case. They always return.

In response to the person who asked if the board had been contacted...yes and they have been here...with the mgmt from Briarlane (who felt it necessary to bring security with them).
The issue, as you can see, remains ongoing.
Tenants (I will not give their names but there are 3 specifically) have notified mgmt in the past month about their infestations and nothing has been done to date. These tenants were told "this side of the building does not have bugs".
That statement was the most assi

nine response I'd heard in a long time. I wasn't aware that bedbugs actually obeyed when told not to cross the hallway - HA!

Word on the street is that many people will be witholding rent.

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Just a warning to those who think they are going to rent a cute apartment in a fab neighbourhood...31 Upper Canada Dr (Yonge and 401 area) is infested with these nasty little bugs and has been for some time. Management does little to remedy the problem either...spraying the infected apartment as well as the adjacent apartments will not solve the problem within the ENTIRE building - these buggers just move into the next available apartment where they can nibble DAY and NIGHT...these are NOT noctu

rnal insects despite what anyone says. Management actually believes that if the apartment on the right side of the hallway has them - apartments on the left side of the hallway will not be affected by them. Give your head a shake.
Whatever the pest control company has been spraying doesn't seem to work either - my place was sprayed about 4 weeks ago and since then it's been absolute hell on earth - I've never seen anything like it - it doesn't stop.
So be warned...when you come to look at an apartment here - they will not mention the issue at all. About a month ago, a new couple moved in...took the poor people 3 days to get everything in and by the next week - they were moving back out. They both had bites all over their bodies and had to basically trash all their belongings.

Thankfully we're outta here!!!

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What has anyone done about this issue? Has anyone gone to the Board about it. I've only been living here for 6 months and I've been sprayed twice! When I asked about bed bugs when I was shown my apartment, I was told that the building had bugs, but the problem had been solved! Well, that's clearly not true...can anyone give me any info on this as I may be able help more than a normal tenant. That's all I want to say on here because I do not want to be identified by management. Any info, and I me

an clear info, not heresay would be most helpful.

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I live beneath 406 and because they won't allow spraying (or so I've been told) - it's become MY problem now.

I've had this place sprayed 4 times now. The problem subsides for a time but they always come back.

The tenant from 406 came into the laundry room 1 evening a few weeks ago and 2 bugs came off her jeans onto the laundry room floor...mgmt was informed immediately but just like the star article said...don't notify or say anything to anyone. Why do we need to be so secretive about t

his issue???? Saying nothing has only made the problem worse.

I'm a very clean and organized person who has to put up with this crap because mgmt will not spray the entire building...it's treated case by case which WILL NOT resolve this problem. And guaranteed if you live in this building, you have them. You may not have seen them yet but you will. It's impossible not to with people carrying them on their clothes from their apartment through the hallways into the elevator or into the staircases and then into common areas of this building.

You know, I hadn't seen any for over a month and last night I found 2 coming out of the electrical outlet in my kitchen and then this morning I found another coming out of the light fixture in my dining room. Tell me again that the entire building is not infested and you're living in fantasyland.

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Several tenants are currently experiencing an infestation.

Most have had treatment several times and they are still experiencing problems.

Apartments 201, 307, 302, 407, 406, 402 have been identified as being infested.

Building Management is not informing new tenants of this issue.

A tenant meeting has been called by Building Management and the health department has been invited to give a presentation.

Here is a link of a story that was written about us.

Apparently it has been going on for years at this location.

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