77 Finch Ave E
Toronto, ON M2N

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Worse management ever.

Having problems with this bedbugs, nothing can kill this creatures. Vertica management not only do not care about this problem, but if you have any problems with your unit like wash machine not working, stove, water, etc. They will take forever to come and repair/replace/fix the problem, having to call several times speaking with the manager for someone to come and do something. They also got in my unit without notice, I am not the only one since there were complaints from other people in the b

uilding having the same issue. Stay away from this management, you have been warned.

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This building is managed by Vertica Resident Services, many other neighbors suffer from bedbugs, Vertica does not help. This place is infested with bedbugs. I am trying to move out. would not let my dog/cat live in this place.

Just a thought: maybe it is poisonous..purchasing some stuff online and spraying it may put some people at risk..apparently, steam and heat-120 degrees kill them..maybe less dangerous..
I am looking for an apt and found this site..ugh..
good luck!

I have been living at The Galleria Apartments for almost 3 years, there are three buildings A, B and C, and I live in B. I had been dealing with bedbugs for almost a year, to the point that there were nights were me and my wife did not sleep at all just to stop getting more bites on us. Contacted the office, and a professional treated the apartment unit, which stopped the bites for just two weeks. Then, not knowing what else to do I had to go online and purchase pyrethrins in a concentrated a

mount and treat the whole place every two weeks for two months. It seems that this is the only product that kills them. I finally got rid of them, there's the odd bite which is gone when I re-apply just one time. However, I did noticed that the reason we get the odd bite is because there are other units near mine infected with this bugs.

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Terrible Terrible... Bedbugs..
I had nearly 4 treatments to get them out of my site.

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