325 Bogert Ave
Toronto, ON M2N

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I have lived here for 3.5 years and have just encountered my first bed bug infestation. Noticed red marks all over my body but passed it off for hives/some sort of eczema until I found a live bug crawling around in my bed. YUCK! Flipped mattress over and found 3-5 other live ones *shudder* Dusted my entire mattress with Insectigone (basically DE) and ordered a mattress encasement. Just dropped off a letter notifying property management tonight as my boyfriend finds a nest under his chair and a f

ew crawling around in the closet. Three weeks ago I never saw a bed bug in real life and now look! Will post again with mgmt's response.

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Avoid this building. Many cases of bed bugs from myself and neighbors thatgo unheard but more importantly, shady subletters and management that turn a blind eye and hardly speak english. "Lobby A" compared to other builds in the complex where management lives is the only clean building, the rest they hardly care about.

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