2885 Bayview Ave
Toronto, ON M2K

Found 4 reports:

These darn bugs are still in the building! None of the residents seem to care, there have been no warnings posted by management.

Multiple units in this building have had bed bug issues. My neighbours have all contacted management who say they have it under control. If your planning to visit us or move here please make sure the unit your going to has been purged of these crazy things.

I haven't seen any bedbugs since our last spray so hopefully my floor is now OK. Worst experience ever!

Make sure you prep your furniture/belonging prior to your treatment or they will come back right away. Trust me I know! If not for t

he convenient subway downstairs and mall I would leave this place in a heartbeat.

see full report...

Hi, does anyone have any more info on the extent/location of the problem at this building?

Should I avoid renting here?

I went to look at a unit in the Arc Condos. The owner had just received a notice to state that the bed bugs on the second floor were taken care of.

No nearby bug reports