47 Valley Woods Road
Toronto, ON M2J0A7

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there are no bed bugs (thankfully) however, there are a whole bunch of other issues. There are roaches (numerous a day and our place in particular is very clean) . it began about 6 months into living here. We even reported it to the office who scheduled to have our unit sprayed. As soon as 2 days after we were seeing roaches and consistently since. The place is so drafty and ghetto in the summer there are earwigs, milipedes and ants. The maintenance is slow, lazy and disappointing. This place lo

oks nice on the outside but is a DUMP. Not to mention the constant construction 7 days a week. The reason were leaving is essentially that we are fed up and the cockroaches were appearing as regularly as 5 times a day. I came down in the middle of the night to the kitchen to find 5 roaches in my kitchen. Not to mention the smell of mold in our bathroom thanks to a heinous leak that maintenance did the bare minimum to rectify.

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