80 Forest Manor Rd
Toronto, ON M2J

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absolutely the worst place I have ever lived in or visited..thank God I was out of there - end of Oct.) The building management is from HELL.. Especially the couple- the supers- just hired a few months ago, rude and incompetent.... Cockroaches are everywhere, and the building management, from the top down, has no clue. Sanitary conditions nonexistent. Have a look at the garbage chute rooms on a few floors you will see. Even escalating the problem to the city level ( Toronto building standards

office; city's 311 hotline) was no use, they simply don't care... or seem to take the building owner's side - a bit corrupt if you'd ask me!!!

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Horrible customer service. Office staff treat residents as if they are the one who is paying your rent out of their pocket. There is a new couple building managers they are the worst than ever. No manners, forget about being professional. Building full of cockroaches. Management keeps sending a pest control every 2-3 months. One illegal entry after another. Please take your money and go rent somewhere else but not in this building and not with this kind of management. I can't wait to move out! D

oesn't worth a penny.

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Too many cockroaches everywhere including the elevator. if only i could submit pictures. Also the parking garage smells like garbage all the time. Horrible customer service . we were lock here for a year. Please stay away unless you do not mind sharing your apartment with roaches..

My mother just moved into this building. The apartment is full of cockroaches, many different sizes and species it seems.. Management's only solution is more toxic spraying, but talking to some of the residence.. cockroaches always seem to come back.. There are absolutely horrendous unsanitary conditions in the whole building, starting from the parking structure. Many leaks, standing waste water etc.. to dirty and sticky garbage rooms and chutes on every floor, which results in garbage bags left

on the floor, with cockroaches running in and out all night. Local manager passed us on to their head quarters. Nothing yet! STAY AWAY.

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Severe cockroach infestation. Building management refuses to acknowledge it's severity, we've since moved. They continually spray and put down gel but it does no good as they do it floor by floor; the roaches just move up or down to get out of it causing a disgusting influx.

Severe bed bug infestation in the building, originally reccomended to treat by frequent vaccuming of the bed and bedroom, however was unsuccessful, and now have to throw out a $3,000 bed, and most of my clothing / soft furniture as well as many other personal items. Moving.

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