8 Godstone Rd
Toronto, ON M2J

Found 5 reports:

This is true.. ROACH resides in this building. and actually a couple of times. Ive seen rats just outside the building.

Security is becoming an issue now too.. I have been hearing from people that lives here that a number of breaking in and stealing is going on in their units.

Serious cockroach problems in this building , management will just spray, but it does nothing.
there is heavy cockroach infestation.

There are bad cockroaches here. We have been living with them for a while but can't get rid of them because they live in he walls.

This building has had cockroaches for years. They make you do some of your own maintenance such as changing the hard to find florescent light bulbs in the apartment. They also do not actually do anything when you submit a maintenance report. There have been multiple reports submitted for pest control, and at first someone came to spray or powder, but after a while they stopped doing it at all even with submitted paperwork.

My friends with their son living in this building, and after a year, cockroaches showed off and they decided to move out.

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