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Bed bugs can show up in any home or apartment building regardless of how clean and tidy it is. When this happens in a rental apartment there are steps that should be taken to help eliminate the insects and avoid their spreading to other parts of the building.

Residents have an inherent responsibility when they first become aware that they have come in contact with bed bugs and the first step is to inform the superintendent of the situation in writing. As a responsible Landlord, we urge our t

enants to inform us when they see any kind of bug in our buildings. As a precautionary measure we have a rigorous preventative program where a Pest Control Technician comes to the building every week to insure that we inspect any areas where bugs have been reported.

The best way to combat bed bugs is to prevent them from showing up in the first place. We ask our residents to keep their apartment uncluttered and to examine all purchases that they bring home. This will help to avoid ‘hitchhiking’ bed bugs. It’s best to not scavenge other people’s recyclables for used furniture, especially mattresses. These can be infested without residents realizing it.

As a tenant, please realize that no one in the building, including the landlord, wants these bugs.

While this previous resident did not inform us of their bed bug concern, they should be aware that moving out of the building instead of having the unit treated only means that they are moving the bed bugs to a new apartment where sooner or later they will complain about an infestation in that apartment as well.

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Found bedbugs in the bed in early 2011. Moved out.

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