2960 Don Mills Rd E
Toronto, ON M2J

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2960 Don Mills West - Been a tenant here for many years. The building is clean and the supers are very kind. We Didn't have any roach issues until a few years ago. Started seeing them in the kitchen and it just got worse over time. Management has powdered, stuck and sprayed multiple times but the roaches still come back. This very annoying living condition has forced us to move out.

this happened at my boyfriend's place around November 2014.bed bugs..huge..i got bitten every where. The management were quick to respond to the complaint and were nice about it. they sprayed 3 times in 1.5 months at 2 weeks interval..they sprayed the units around it just to be on the safe side as well.since then no bed bug and i have yet to see a roach. (knock on wood).
the management here r nice people.

Sorry not this building 2960 Don Mills West has bedbugs, that person doesn't know that their talking about. My friend lives in 2960 Don mills west and I sat on his coach and got bit many times. He looked and saw bedbugs no one has reported it but he should before the problem gets bigger!!!

I've been getting bit by bedbugs for the past month and its been a nightmare sleeping know these things are butting me!!!

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