25 Parkway Forest Dr
Toronto, ON M2J

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December 2015, STAY AWAY FROM THIS BUILDING. in fact stay away from anything Homestead Land holdings owns. Management is the worst ever, Rude and do nothing about problems they have. They deserve the cockroach of the year award. There are RATS in the building and they don't care. It has been reported and they refuse to do anything about it. There is RAT poop and urine all over an 85 year old widows property in her storage room. Their solution, they will give her plastic gloves for her to clean i

t out. For there to be RAT poop there has to be RATS.No action has been taken to get rid of the rats. Their solution to the cockroach problem was to hang cockroach traps above her cupboards, visible for all to see, there are cockroaches all over this building. She is alone and they don't care just tell her to clean it herself.

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Homesteads building should be renamed as cockroach land or something of that sorts. Cockroaches of all kinds can be found here. The only solution would babe for the management to demolish the structure and rebuild from scratch. Also, the management is callous and does not care too much for their tenants. AVOiD Is the only thing that I would say. This is for their premises at 125


Building still has lots of cockroaches. Management is friendly and they have done lots of renovations to make the building look nicer but we asked twice before moving in if they have roaches and they directly said no. If you don't mind cockroaches then this building is worth seeing, very friendly people live in this building and there is a nice park nearby and it's easy to walk places. The DVP 401 is noisy and nearby but they did put in thick windows that can block out the noise if

you close them. Cockroaches are horrible.

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I moved in this building in April 2012. I was not happy while moving in due to bad state.Building was managed by Metcap Living.
Horrible management...lift did not worked, bedbugs (did not had any but other apartments faced the problem)laundary was awful, buiding entrance was pathetic.

Homestead purchased buiding in October 2012.
New Management revamped the entire buiding by :

Fixing the lifts
New Management office and entrance within the buiding.
New Mail boxes.
Revamped Laundary faci

Excellent cleaning and admin services.
New doors and windows
Pest control in the entire buiding
New Lamps.


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This was by far the worst building When (metcap) I mean sorry handi-cap owned it!! Now it's HOMESTEAD!!! People who actually care about people's homes and respect people. Building doesn't smell like crap anymore . Getting new elevators and new windows since its really damn cold here in winter and nice new lobby and laundry room. Thank you homestead. Good work keep it up.

No roaches and bedbugs in my apartment, but I do have encountered mice.
Since October 2012, we have a new building management here (Homestead)..... and thank goodness for that. Major positive changes since then and most of all there is no mental torture from the previous building manager. The new super is very polite and listens to the tenants. They really have cleaned the building, installed new tiled floors in the lobby area, improved the laundry room. If only they could fix the heating....t

his would definitely become a place to be called 'home.'

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I lived in that building for now 3 years

used to be the worse building ever with the horrible managment
lately with the new managment they are doing excellent job,,,,honestly I can't believe the huge changes happend and some times think I am dreaming,,,,,
Managment is AAA+,,,services is excellent
Many many many thanks for the new managment

This absolutely is the WORST building ever on earth, the building manger, the super and the repair people are the rudest people you can ever encounter. specially the building manager ludmila, she will yell and scream at you even if you smile at her, thefts & break and enters in the building are common place and it is rumored that the building management is involved. I have had a break and enter my self.

not only that the building management is rude, they are also supremely incompetent and ca

reless if your problems.

the elevators are always broken and you can expect to wait 20 minutes or more on each ride.

there is almost no heating in winter and you are forced to buy your own heaters to heat your apartment.

the parking garage lights are often broken and wont be replaced regardless of how may times you complaint

the fridges dont work, and even if they replace your fridge they will replace it with one that is equally broken.

there are plenty of rochs in the building, you can expect some in your dinner.

there is no exhaust fans in the washroom, in winter cold air laced with smell from the neighbors will hit your head as you take a hot shower (that is if you get hot water!)

the community is now uniting against metcap at http://www.metcrap.com

Metcrap has gotten the worst landlord of the year award previously.


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signed a lease a week ago, haven't moved in, cant move in the place is infested with roaches, hundreds of them, they sprayed the place and i came back and now it is only even more infested it started with kitchen and closet in the front now i see them crawling on the walls, in the bedroom, in the washroom, everywhere, you see them in the hallways its disgusting! And the super herself said it only gets worse, wait for the bed bugs and mice! the hallways smell, the floors in the building are dirty

, DONT EVEN THINK OF LOOKING AT AN APT. THERE! They didnt mention a thing to me about this issue only after i signed the lease then the super says o ya your apt. is infested but dont worry move in then next week we will spray it! that is sick and neglectful!

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No bedbugs yet and so far have only seen 3 cockroaches that I think have come from the hallway. the main complaints are from outside the apartment. The cockroaches infest the trash rooms we've started laying towels down at the base of our door to keep them from coming from the hallway at least. The basement is also infested with them you see all manner of roach & bug crawling along the walls while waiting for the elevators.

Elevators are the biggest problem. They barely work during the day c

onstantly getting stuck or the door refusing to close. Then at night either 2 of the elevators always break or someone is turning them off. You'd think you wouldn't have to wait Ten to Twenty minutes at one in the morning but either two of the elevators are always shut down at that time of night or they are always broken. If you have any sort of health or heart issues do not move here till you hear that the elevators have been fixed!

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Oh boy, Parkway Forest Drive. I was lucky enough to have bought a house and leave this dump after 5 years. Never experienced bed bugs BUT agreed on the cockroaches! They were taken care of by management, but one has to wonder about the condition of other apartments that the cockroaches invaded a very clean unit. We had to call the City once because Metcap decided to turn off the heat in March when it was unseasonably warm. The building mananger is unbelievably rude and essentially makes the

tenant feel bad about complaining and wanting what they have paid for and are entitled to. It's interesting to me that they don't try and hold onto tenants that are always on time with their rent and are young professional people who don't cause problems, but always get new "riff raff" in who cause issues. WAY too much for what you get, but hey, looks like they might rip it down for condos :)

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Terrible place to live. Elevators don't work. Building managers don't work. Very dirty building. The cockroaches should pay rent!!!! And never hot water. Laundry room look like a hurricane went threw it. Always broken windows. Balcony door always broken! When it rain all the water comes threw the windows and no one cares to fix it. I don't know how this place is still open for people to rent!!!!!! Get your crap together metcap and do your damn job. This is no place to call your home.

Have lived there for 4 yrs . I have had to fix everything myself. The management staff is very rude even when you try to give her the benefit of the doubt. Recently the bedbug situation on my floor has spiraled out of control where me and my wife was told that we were the ones bringing the bedbugs in. The roaches are another issue altogether. We have had our apartment sprayed over and over. Took all the necessary precautions to have this issue addressed . The roaches started from the bathroom on

ly as my unit is along side the garbage Shute . Now the roaches are everywhere . We have exhausted every possible angle with the management staff about our problems . The rudeness is unbearable the yelling from the building manager is uncouth. I am left with one thing to do move to hell out, uproot my kids from the neibourhood, force to come up with money we don't have for first and last .....then again who cares about us poor people. We're just a number that take up space in another metap community!

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Just moved out a day before... didn't encounter any bed-bugs... but lots of cockroaches. its a nightmare living there. lifts don't function, have to wait a hell lot of time to get a lift. The building manager is the rudest female i have come across... she has no respect for tenants even if they try to give her respect. To hell with her. no proper response the heating system sucks. she is so dumb that she suggest to have carpets and curtains put to have warm rooms... lol stupid, as she thinks all

are. suggestion, only land up there if you need to move in immediately and don't stay there more than 6 months. definitely not worth the rent they charge.

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horrible management. if u like gettin bitten at night this is the perfect building for u. the elevator takes forever, heating sucks. everythings crappy, wut can i say.

i haven't encountered any beg bugs or roaches, but there sure are mice.
insufficient heating in the winter season b/c of which tenants have to personally buy portable heaters.
building manager is extremely rude. she does not speak, rather she screams at the tenants and she is racist.
i wonder if metcap is even aware of all the miseries the tenants are going through. Or maybe they intentionally turned blind eyes and deaf ears.

WARNING! This is the most disgusting building ever. the mice are IMPOSSIBLE to get rid of. The cockroaches keep on coming back and can literally be seen everywhere including garbage chutes and basement! The bedbugs are a huge problem as well. They spread extremely fast and almost impossible to get rid of. The management is HORRIBLE! The manager replaced our broken fridge with a fridge that had COCKROACHES killed on the surface everywhere. Their skin and feces practically glued to the fridge, inc

luding the inside and living cockroaches came out of it and spread everywhere. The manager is the RUDEST person I've met in my life. Although this building is affordable, it is a WASTE of money and hazardous to health because of the unsanitary conditions. I strongly urge everyone to keep away from this building...better yet, keep away from all MetCap buildings. I've been living here for 7 years and I don't have 1 good thing to say about this building, especially the manager! The manager and the repair-guys can't even speak English so they use sign language to communicate. It's impossible to do anything around here. It's an unsafe neighborhood with an increase in drug and violent activities over the past few months. I can't wait to move out. I beg all of you to STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Mice in oven.
Cockroaches everywhere (even on the walls in basement).
10 minutes waiting time for the elevator.
Broken sliding doors (they were repaired at least 5 times)
Absolutely ugly building management.
Stay away from this building and its management, guys.

I moved in here for the location (close to work, highway, subway) and while they say 'location, location, location', location can only count towards so much. Building management is horrendous; they are very rude and rarely any repair forms available (and then good luck getting problems addressed once submitted). The unit is inundated with cockroaches, I have killed over a hundred in the past six months. They have given notices to tenants indicating doing bug sprays but I have not seen any wor

k done. I truly look forward to moving out in the next couple months and cannot stress enough for others to avoid this building and re-consider renting any MetCap property.

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on march 16/11 we got a notice about pest control coming in to spray for bedbugs. on march 18th the guy came in looked under our bedding and left. today, april 12/11 we found a bed bug on our chair in the livingroom!! WE ARE MOVING OUT ASAP!!!

Though I didn't personally experience bedbug there, I did read the many notices on my door about neighbour being sprayed for it. Regardless: I can guarantee you that most if not every apartment unit has coachroaches, including the one where I was in. Reporting the problem to the landlord is a particular pain, as she is extremely rude and got a bad temper problem. The superintendent is grossly incompetent and you would prefer fixing a problem yourself over letting him walk him into your unit

. After a miserable two years in this building, I accepted the fact that the large corporation managing this building can't fix any of these problems hence moved out and would dis-recommend to any people to live in there.

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All the house is full of cockraoches. And bulinding managere is very rude also. I never seen such a customer service in my life time.

About a month ago or so I was given a notice that my apartment needed to be inspected for bedbugs because one of the adjacent units had reported them.
And then, just a week ago the same pest control company was brought back to inspect and treat all apartments in the building.
I gave my notice after the 1st incident. MetCap, the management company, do not take care of the building and cockroaches are an ongoing nuisance.

Alert Alert!

My neighbour has requested a bed bug inspection (I saw the notice on her/his door).

I have myself seen cockroaches in my kitchen and bathroom, on top of multiple places in the lobby and basement.

I am recommending people to stay away from this place, as the whole building is probably infested.

Feb 25th 2010

My friend lives there, had been having trouble with bites and had consulted with the building exterminators, eventually they figured out this was what it was. This building also had cockroaches in the kitchen and mice in the bathroom walls- her cat keeps them out of the apartment. I believe that the whole apartment is infested, and they're probably coming through the walls, so exterminating her apartment will only be a temporary measure :(

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