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you people make me sick! because a few idiots toss garbage in common areas and pee in stairwells makes it the site staff fault. that kind of activity goes on all over the city and most buildings ALL OVER THE CITY have bed bugs and cockroaches. If people didn't bring used furniture from god knows where, which a huge source of bed bugs, there wouldn't be so much of a problem. Try keeping your apartments clean - that might help!! Most of you complainers are probably the ones that cause most of

the trouble in the building and your complaints are just out of spite. we have lived here for many years and find the supers very nice when treated respectfully and given the huge population it is a hard building to keep totally clean 24/7. Try getting a job as a super and find out for yourselves........

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Stay the fucking away from this shitty place. Its full of cockroaches and centipedes!! Place is disgusting to live in. Im moving out this year (2015). Its getting worse from year to year and no one gives a shit.
Plus, the superintendent is very unprofessional, impolite, useless and rarely could be found in the office. Its always dirty around the building and no one ever shovels snow. The place smells disgusting.
And what was the last thing that drew me crazy and forced me to leave a feedback

about this place and move from here for the good - is that my friend parked at my parking spot because I told him to do so and he got a ticket for parking without consent, WTF?
Seriously, dont even consider moving in here, any place but this one. Good luck guys.

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Lived in this building from 2001-2004..If i stand correct the same old couple still are the supers here...VERY VERY VERY BAD ROACH PROBLEM...i know i moved here because it was the cheapest apartment to live on the Donmills strip from finch to lawerence...but it is not worth having roaches in your cereal, and never being able to leave food out in the open...WARNING...FIND SOMEWHERE ELSE TO LIVE...LIVE ON THE STREET IF YOU WANT A PEACE OF MIND....OR YOU WILL END UP ON A ROACH DIET.

People like the poster below (Sept. 12, 2012) disposing of infested furniture should SLASH the furniture completely (i.e., destroy it so that it's unusable) and put signs on it that say "BEDBUGS BEDBUGS BEDBUGS!" so that no one takes the infested furniture BACK into the building.

Spray paint the word "BEDBUGS" across the mattresses/furniture if you have to.

You MUST inform your neighbours. Post signs in the lobby or elevators. Make sure the word "bedbugs" is everywhere in the building so

that your neighbours know not to take old furniture (mattresses, sofas, chairs, wooden shelves -- ANYTHING) from the dumpsters or garbage area. And so that management can't ignore the problem.

Seal your apartment. Buy caulking or that gap-filling foam and seal all the cracks in your apartment. Under the sink, along baseboards, etc. (Sure, you can wait for management to do it, but it's much easier and faster to just pay $6 for the caulking and do it yourself.) Put tape over any unused outlets -- bedbugs can travel from unit to unit via electrical outlets.

Get some diatomaceous earth and dust it lightly along baseboards and any walls you share with another unit.

If building management won't do anything, YOU have to do it to prevent bedbugs from spreading.

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Tons of bed bugs and coackroaches!!!!

My apartment is infested with bed bugs. I had to throw out all of my furniture. (Someone in the building actually took the matress and box spring into there house which was infested with bed bugs - NASTY!) My child has a fear of bugs and gets bitten almost every night.

The landlords are lazy and the management company does not care to help me fix this problem. The entire 7th floor has bed bugs.

At the moment, trying to get out of my lease!!!!

arrrrrrrrgggggggggggggh u fn hippocrites clean clean i saw a lady in elevator yesterday and she dumped her garbage in elevator, then i saw a guy throw garbage from his balcony and newspapers were flying around everywhere, then when i came home from clubbin i walked up stairs and saw i guy pissing on 3rd floor. If that aint enough nobody says anything. if u see somebody doing this shit, tell them not here. dont throw your garbage wherever u want dont pee in stairway and for gods sake report them.

I've had the misfortune of being a tenant of this building for a period of 15 years. However, I really had little, to no, say at all about living here as I was just a minor.

This place is beyond infested with cockroaches. Living here from ages 3 to 17 was a nightmare. I would wake up some mornings to a breakfast in bed. Unfortunately for me that meant the occasional cockroach in my mouth, nose or ear. I would sometimes die of embarrassment opening my backpack in class and a roach would run ou

t across the floor.

Worst of all is if you have parents like mine, then their is no escaping these roaches even after you move because your parents refuse to throw out, maybe, $2000 worth of furniture, appliances and hardware. I seem to be getting sidetracked with other issues now.

Needless to say, this building is no place to have children around or even live in and it's beyond me as to why this place is allowed to have an onsite daycare. I have not lived in this building for the past 3 years and have been shifting around on residences in a different city for school since, but whether or not there are currently bedbugs at this building, roaches are not too pleasant either. If that's not enough, the rent isn't at all cheap here either.

Do not live here!

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This building is infested with cockroaches, and it's very disgusting. I can't open my cupboards without seeing one. I'm glad there's no bed bugs... yet. Moving out asap.

Worst building ever!! Can't even throw my garbage in the chute without risking tons of roaches crawling on me. Something must be done! Anyone willing to team up and approach managment?

I dont have bed bugs here,people are very dirty they take old beds from garbage area that are disgusting. a bed or couch tables and chairs put out for garbage are taken in a few minutes after being dumped that is why people have roaches.

People are disgusting they pee in stairwell and elevators almost everyday. They throw garbage anywhere they feel like and expect it to be clean. I actually feel sorry for the supers.They have been nice to me and have helped me.

no bed bugs! landlord is WORTHLESS .. she NEVER does anything to help and really doesnt care! .. she and her daughter ( asst superintendent) are horrible .. they dont care ...

area is good

HUGGGGGGE cockroach problem .... they dont evict the nasty people that have infestations and hir CHEAP people to do the exterminations . and they are SUPER lazy ... dont want to do work

A few people are filing complaints with the management group ..

so hopefully we get new supers~

No bed bugs yet but a HUGE Roach problem. Building is disgusting and landlord does very little abt it. When bedbugs finally get here, it'll hit BIG TIME!

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