20 Godstone Rd
Toronto, ON M2J

Found 4 reports:

I would like to comfort any potential tenants to 20 Godstone, as previous issues with bed bugs are no longer!!! Not to mention Management has also taken necessary steps to avoid potential problems in future!! From my experience living at 20 Godstone, management has been very reponsive to all inquiries!!
Nevertheless..NO BED BUGS OR ROACHES!!! :):):)

Serious roach problem in past two years. All floors are affected. I am glad I left.

Cockroachs are no where as bad as bedbugs though. Are there any reported cases of infestations in your building that you are aware of?

The place is absolutely filthy. Cockroaches are everywhere. Management does nothing to fix these problems. The walls have been licking for years. Super gives no notice when they enter apartments. Don’t make the same mistake I did when I rented this apartment.

No nearby bug reports