2 Brahms Ave
Toronto, ON M2H

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This place is disgusting. I have lived here for only 10 months and I can't sleep on my own bed without roaches crawling on it. I am a clean girl with a 2 year old son and he has had so many throat infections I can't keep count. My house went from Smelling new and clean to moldy and stink. It didn't matter how much times I've moped they come anyway. Not to mention the roaches that live on the inside of my fridge and consume my food and make me and my son sick. I want out of this roach infested pl

ace. I just want to leave at this point. Worst place I've lived in Canada to date. RUN. DONT LIVE HERE. Last thing. They left me with the old fridge and stove from the tenants before and that was roach infested in the first place and refused to take it out. Telling me to take treAtment and keep the nesting grounds because there are to cheap and lazy to remove the root of the problem.

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Elevator are always dirty! Neigbours are dirty and have cookrocahes. No matter how clean your apartment is they will come to you for dirty neigbours. Everything else is good. Building too old and the renovation in the apartment is made just for beauty, walls are old and lots of holes for the cookroaches.

Been in apt 214 bldg 2 filled with roaches...been in 1014 roaches on walls and ceilings..seen them near elevators...it's a mess...jan 1 2013, concerned visitor.

bY FAR ONE OF THE best TCHC buildings...NO roaches, no bed bugs FOR +6 YEARS AND COUNTING....The Super really tries to keep the place clean..but honestly it is the People here that dont have ANY respect ...But what else can you expect from HOUSING....Compared to the rest you will not regret this choice...

Lived here 6 years. NEVER HAD A ROACH OR BED BUG....So maybe the people that have tohse problems should clean more often and maybe stop sitting around and waiting for negatives to happen.

Back in 1980 I grew up in Brahms, I lived on the 6th floor, in apartment 612, I remember we had a roach problem, but what forced us to move was our apartment was haunted, you can ask Day spring christian fellowship, they came to our aid, the man's name was Pasteur Steven, so there is more than just bugs in that place, good luck getting rid of that thing, it was a horrible experience for me as a child growing up there,

more niggers than cockroaches

If you think this building is clean, then can you explain why people are using the stairwells as toilets. I see this all the time in this building, everytime I get called to work here I see the same filth.

Lived here 5+ Years, never saw a Bed Bugs or Roaches, If you keep your place clean and get management to spray regular you should be good to go,Its some of the people in the building that really have no respect for where they live, for a TCHC Building its pretty clean...

Building is extremely clean apart from a few messy tenants. Management is exceptionally quick about fixing things/complaints. Used to have a roach problem but that was taken care of a few years ago and I haven't seen once since. Lived here 5+ years and never saw a bedbug. TCHC is awesome.

This address is well known for having bed bugs
The infestation is quite extensive here
Cockroachs are out of control as well

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