2739 Victoria Park Ave
Toronto, ON M1T

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morons, anyone with bedbugs is dirty. ask yourself where have i been sleeping? do i clean or have inch of grease on my stove and dirty, do i even mop my kitchen floor.do i have fiends who visit and have them who in turn. like blaming a school for lice outbreak. stop the ignorance of trying to blame landlords take responsibility. bedbugs dont move like roaches and spread so easily. people are just plain dirty 99.99 percent of the time. yeah u can be clean but where bedbug come from. movie theatre

,taxi bus. people make me angry

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I found bed bugs in my apartment back in August of last year. I had to be sprayed 4 times and the person where we contacted them still has them. Bed Bugs are in both buildings and managment refuses to inform people. We will never get rid of them if our landlord City Of Toronto does nothing to inform people.

Everyday you here someone else has them. I looked into it when I had them and became very informed.

Because no one is doing anything I can no longer have people visit me because I don't

know if they are carrying them. You here over and over again that "I don't have them". I didn't know until I lifed the mattress to take the mattress pad off to wash and there they were. I have letters that I sent to managment. I have all the information on how to prepare for the spray and what needs to be done. Public Health is a joke. Not to mention the care givers that enter the apartments and then go to another client. They could be spreading them.

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